Voluntour - Photographer

I cheered people on 📡
I encouraged people who were struggling up that hill 🌋
I gave it my best, I was in my element.
I was considerate, upwards stride photos!
No National Geographic saggy boob business here 🏀🏀


Before I knew it, it was run time.
My lovely friend Ang was going to run with me. I love her to bits, she’s from the northside,I don’t understand everything she says - it’s the north of the river accent. But I did understand “I’ll help with the pram” 😘😉😘😉😘

Melanoma March

Melanoma March
Miriam had beautiful badges made with photos of her brother.
Today we walked for Matt.
She told me about her brother.
She had a twinkle in her eye as she spoke about him

Scooter Bike

Scooter Bike
You are probably thinking, it was a doddle in the park.
I was drenched in sweat.
My heart rate was at my parkrun rate.
But I was still smiling.
Hand on heart, my thumping heart, it felt nothing like exercise.

12 months ago

12 months ago
When this page started waaaaay back then I was just a parkrunner.
And there’s nothing wrong with “just that”.
I just did parkrun. 
That’s all that I thought I was capable of.
How wrong was I?


It was hot.
We were sweaty 😰
We were rooted.
But we just kept on going 👯‍♀️

50 shades of chafe.

Think newborn baby.
Think roast chicken.
Probably more roast turkey.
Big old roast turkey, too big for the oven turkey.

Main Beach 2018

A rather attractive group of men are running towards me.
The Richmond Tigers 🐯
I recognised them 🤩
They recognised me 😍
We didn’t make a big deal about it.
That’s what happens when you are an athlete.
We all know one another


There was no distinguishing landmarks on this run.
The bush just looked the same.
Where the hell was I?
When will this pain end?

Fast Run Festival - Formally known as Brisbane’s Fastest 10k

I met so many lovely people & may have insulted the Mayor


Walk down a hill - find the parkrun gathering spot.
I chucked my car keys in to the swingers bowl - I mean with all the rum up here it would be a great old time 🔑 🥃🍆

Cadbury Marathon - Half Marathon

Cadbury Marathon - Half Marathon
If I see any gold packets in there I will go off like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory.