12 months ago

12 months ago

Facebook, I fucking love it.
I love that it pops up memories.
Memories that become distant.
It helps me see how far I really have come.

12 months ago I walked the 6k fun run at Triathlon Pink with my friend Kia.
12 months & 2 weeks ago I had shoulder surgery. I can’t remember exactly what I had done, but I do remember it cost a shit load of money (thanks Police Health 😇)
I looked like an absolute dickhead.
Sling, with my bib pinned to it, feeling sore & sorry for myself.

As I sat there waiting for the fun run to start, I said to my friend “I’m gunna do a triathlon”.
“You’re fucking gunna do what?” Kia asked.
“I’m going to do a triathlon”.
And I eventually did.
3 actually!

I sat there people watching.
In awe of these women.
All of different shapes, sizes, ages & backgrounds.
All smiling 😃
All nervous 😬 
All giving it a go 👍

We cheers others on 🎙
We clapped 👏
Well, I 1 handed clapped (I was wearing a sling). 🤚

We walked our 6k.
With each lap.
6 fucking laps, I saw triathletes, swimming 🏊‍♀️ riding 🚴‍♀️ running 🏃‍♀️ 
Some struggling, some surging ahead.
Each giving it their best.
I wanted to be a part of that action.

To the plus size lady giving it a go, pulling at your togs, I thank you.

To the lady laughing as she waited by the edge of the pool with her pool noodle, I thank you.

To the teeny tiny little blondie in her Catfish Designs trisuit, I thank you. One day, I will own one of those trisuits!

To Kia, for telling me “you’re a fucken dickhead” I thank you.
She still calls me that.
We sit opposite one another a work 😂

When this page started waaaaay back then I was just a parkrunner.
And there’s nothing wrong with “just that”.
I just did parkrun. 
That’s all that I thought I was capable of.
How wrong was I?

parkrun was just the beginning.
I’m a parkrunner.
I’m a fun runner.
I’m a half marathoner.
I’m a triathlete.
And this year I will be a marathoner. Yes, MARATHONER!

Sunny Coast Triathlon Pink - Ultra distance, guess who’s coming back?

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