I've never been to the Berrinba parkrun before, it was an easy choice after hearing such lovely things about the area. They sounded amazing & I wasn't left disappointed.

I live in Logan, and unfortunately it's gets a pretty bad rap as a whole.
Logan is a HUGE area. 
Logan is home to 5 Parkruns!
Dami Im (singer) & Corey Parker (footballer) & Shanon Aitken (up & coming social media/fitness star 🙊) live in Logan.
Just like Brisbane or Sydney some areas have a few problems.
The council really do an amazing job in all aspects but particularly maintaining our parks. I am so lucky to leave near some amazing ones - which I'm only just discovering now.
Thank you Logan City Council!

A bunch of people on this page do that run, where my people want me, I shall travel!

I seriously got an arse kicking from my surgeon during the week.
I saw his registrar first, he asked me a whole bunch of questions, so I answered. Truthfully.
He was a bloody dibber-dobber.

My surgeon stamped into the room "what's this crap I hear about you wanting to run this weekend" at this exact moment my arsehole tightened. 
I was in for a paddling. 
So he told me off for about 10 minutes, telling me how skilled he was, how lucky I was to have the operation.
Then he taunted me by telling the registrar what a wuss I am when it comes to needles. They had to sedate me to have my neck block.
If I'm paying for it, I'm ordering ever drug off the menu.
The smart arse registrar told him he knew I was a wuss "you should have heard her when I took off the bandaids" 🖕

So, this weekend I'm walking.
Am I happy about that?
Not really.
But hopefully after a couple more weeks of rest I will have more use of my arm.
I cannot do up my own bra or button up my pants. Which will be interesting for when I need to go to the bathroom when I go back to work next week. Volunteers?

My husband Ben joined me this week at parkrun. He has started running after work.
Obviously I'm rubbing off on him 😎

Berrinba Wetlands are absolutely beautiful, I would seriously never thought to drive down the road that it on. It's in an industrial estate.
The course is a 5k loop, which I love, there is no need to worry about keeping to the left for the return runners, cause there are none! There were a few small hills, running them I would be complaining, but because I'm walking they were bearable.

I wandered over the line in 46.38

I had the pleasure in meeting Kell (who has been a supporter on my page since day 1 😘), Megan, Emma, Deanne, Yvonne, Toni & sooo many others I have forgotten names 😞I apologise.

I cannot get over people's excitement to meet me! I really am a regular person, come & say g'day. 
I won't bite, unless I'm reeeeally hungry.


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