Today is my birthday & being the fantastic Mum I am, I booked Will in for an extra day at daycare.
I went and got my eyebrows done, eyelashes tinted & a facial.
I look at least 2 days younger.

I got a run in this morning with my new flash BOB, he is lovely. He handles better than my bloody car!
He even has that new pram smell 👃

I shampooed the living room carpet 🎉

My husband & I had Mexican for lunch. I am nachos mad.
I smothered my nachos in chilli sauce, I can't do that when Will is around, being Mum I share my food with him.
Dad does not share 🖕

We sat, ate & talked......about William.
Then about my blog ~ we are both so shocked that soooooo many people want to read my random ramblings.
What you read is the shit he has to listen to every day 💏

This is the 2nd time since Will was born where just the 2 of us have gone out for lunch.
Don't get me wrong, I love that kid to bits, but shit, I need some time away from him 👶

I was very spoilt, I got the Garmin watch I ordered & a new iPod thingie.
One of those little ones with the clip on the back. Ben even put music on it for me 💗

The day will then hopefully capped off by trashy tv (Geordie Shore) and an afternoon sleep while Ben plays a round of golf ⛳️

Did I go crazy food wise? No!
I did indulge in a chocolate hot cross bun for morning tea and enjoyed a nice lunch with my husband. Previous birthdays I would have smashed that much chocolate, cake &chips I would have made myself sick.

I have had a lovely day, will be heading off to bed early, Parkrun tomorrow at Stones Corner - stay tuned for the next edition of Tour de Parkrun

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