Blood Donation

Firstly can I say did not write this post for any praise or accolades.
I'm writing this because the Australian Red Cross Blood Service needs your help!

Today I went & donated blood.

I booked an appointment with the Red Cross earlier in the week.
Straight away I got onto getting Will in for an extra day at daycare. The donor mobile was coming to Beenleigh.
I know it doesn't take long to donate blood, but trying to find someone to look after him is a bit of a hassle - everyone works.
Plus he loves daycare, I'm sure he would much rather have a day with his friends that me 🤓
Then on the way to daycare this morning he was sick all over himself 😷

Dad to the rescue!
He came home from work to look after Will while I went & gave blood.

My Aunt has cancer which is not responding to chemotherapy very well.
In fact, it's not responding at all.
She is starting immunotherapy at an eye watering cost as it's not currently on the PBS. (Don't worry, I'm not asking for money) 🙂

Last week she had a blood transfusion to prepare her for the next step in treatment.
My Aunt is the strongest person I know, she has been there for me so many times.
She was there when my Mum was recovering from 2 lots of neurosurgery.
She was there for me when Will was born & my mother refused to come and meet Will because he was a boy & she wanted me to have a girl. (Please keep in mind she has had 2 major brain surgeries).

I have absolutely no idea what she, my uncle or cousins are going through.
I can't help in any way other than just being there.

Some amazing person out there, took the time out of their day to donate blood 🙌
Was it time away from work that they weren't paid for?
Was it on a weekend?
Were they driving by and saw the blood bus?
They gave up their precious time to help a complete stranger 🙌

That amazing person donated blood.
That blood was given to my Aunt.
That blood is hopefully going to give her the boost that she needs for her treatment.
That blood may just save her life.
The person who gave that donation is amazing 🙌

So today I rolled up my sleeve & made a donation.
Well, technically there was no sleeve rolling, I wore a polo - but you get the drift?!?!

Did you know that your 1 donation could save up to 3 lives? 💉💉💉

If you can, are willing & are able to - why don't you?

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