Bras In Paradise

Bras In Paradise 👙

This morning we hit up Surfers Paradise parkrun 🏝
It’s one of my favourites from 2017 - so it was a really easy choice to go back.

Run done 

Trip to Harbour Town 
Ben changed his running singlet and wore a polo - he looked pretty normal.
I was not organised.
All I did was pop on my OOFOS Australia and shop.
Thongs ✔️
ASICS smelly sweaty running singlet ✔️
RunFaster tights ✔️
I must have either looked incredibly dodgy or homeless, the security guard at Ralph Lauren took a huge amount of notice in me.
I’m now going with sexy bitch 💋

After a spot of shopping we made our way to Bras in Paradise.
As you may have guessed, they sell bras.
Hundreds of them, ohhh and undies too 👙

The shop is nestled away in a small strip of shops in Olsen Ave - about 3k up the road from Harbour Town.
I could have run there 🏃‍♀️

I opened the door and WHOOSH - glorious air conditioning whacked me in the face🚪 
It was stinking hot outside 🔥

I met the owner Suezi.
The poor bugger follows my page, so she already knows too much about me!

Now, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect running bra for quite a while.
I want my boobs to be held in place.
I don’t want them to move too much.
I want to be able to run without having to wear 2 bras.
I don’t want surprise underboob chafe that I don’t know about until I get in the shower 🚿 😫

So far this year I have tried Berlei which did Berlei anything (haha get it!)

Ohh & I had a Triumph where the underwire shot out the side & stabbed me in the side of the tit.

Today was the day.
Today I was going to find the bra of my running dreams.

Now back to Suezi- this lady knows her stuff.
We had a bit of a chat about my needs in a sports bra.
We went straight to Panache Lingerie.

Suezi could tell just by looking at me what size I would be.
Off to the change rooms.
Now this is where I’m embarrassed.
I’d been to parkrun - I had a babywipe bath in the carpark before I went inside.....

First bra goes on.
Yep - I love it ❤️
Suezi tells me we need to go up a cup size.
Apparently that muffin top that hangs out over the side of the bra isn’t supposed to be there.
Well bugger me - all of my bras are like that 😳

We go up a cup size & PERFECT 👌 
It’s firm where it needs to be.
No underboob poking out the bottom.
Not sideboob spilling out the side.
The front of the bra sits quite high across the front of my chest - which means no upperboob spilling out over the top.
It has an extra wide band around the front - no more underboob chafe!

I’m a 16G - the G stands for ginormous (that’s for the fellas 😉)

I wish I had of been to this shop at the beginning of the year.
It would have saved so many screams in the shower from unexpected chafe 🚿 
My back wouldn’t be as scarred from chafe.

To have a bra which perfectly fits is amazing.
I feel comfortable.
I almost feel unstoppable. 
I now know I will be able to run & run & run.
Even though you can’t see them under my clothes, I feel beautiful.

The art of Brassiere fitting really is a dying art. Try & go into a shop today and ask someone to help fit you - not a great chance of getting help.
Some people wouldn’t even know what bra fitting is.

If you take any advice from my page - get fitted for a bra!
We go to shoe shops & get fitted for running shoes 👟 
Why shouldn’t bras be any different?

I specifically travel ALL the way to TriRunning Toowoomba for my shoes.
And from now on, I’ll be making the trip to Bras in Paradise on the Gold Coast for my bras.

Thank you so much to Suezi who kindly gifted me 2 Panache bras 👙👙
I’ll be back for to buy some regular bras soon & I need to upgrade from my postpartum undies 🤦‍♀️ - I’ve just gotta leave that kid & husband of mine at home 🏡

If you want great service - please go and pay the girls from Bras in Paradise a visit.
I promise they will look after your girls 😉

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