Brisbane's Great South Run

Brisbane's Great South Run

15k in 2 days. 
Why did I do this to myself?
Because I'm an idiot, that's why.

I signed up for this run 2 months ago when I felt like a supreme athlete.
That was before shoulder surgery & a child with pneumonia.

I will admit the medal 🏅 sealed the deal.
I can now confess I'm addicted to the bling. I can now proudly say I have 2 medals in my collection.
Yes, I have a collection as I have more than 1.

So again I got out of bed at ungodly 4:fucking30am. You saw my before & after shower shots yesterday so you all know why I have to get up this early.
It takes a lot of time to look this good everyday 😜

I was organised, I had my clothes & poise ready to go.
Seriously Poise Australia hook me up!

I must have looked like a stray kitten all on my lonesome. Thank you so much to Healthy Mummy Support Group for taking me in & including me in your group.
None of my friends run, I only have about 5 people who I would call real friends anyway, so going to these events by myself is very daunting.
I'm not in any running clubs.
I'm a Lone Ranger.

I received so many "Hi, love your page" it was so flattering.

The half marathoners started 15 minutes before the 10k - I have so much admiration for people who are willing to run 21k on the weekend, for fun!
A special shout out to Brooke who ran the half, with a baby on board!
I did the 10k with a rather large bladder & last night dinner still on board 🤔

The 10k got started, the most hilarious runner yelled out 100m into the race "9.9k to go" it really lightened everyone's mood.

The course was rather flat, a loop around the park and out onto a road, there were a few long inclines but they were bearable.
I loved being lapped by the half marathoners.

There were 3 guys out on the road we were running on who were cracking xxxx cans at 6:30am. 
They are my kinda people. 🍻
The real question is why they weren't manning a drinks station?!?!

I also ugly cried today 😭
Thanks to my reflective glasses & red running face no one noticed.
Why did I cry?
Because of you.
I was supported during my run by a whole bunch of people who I had no idea who they were.
People constantly yelling out "Go Shanon" or "hey Plus Size Parkrunner, you got this".

I can honestly say no one has ever cheered for me like that before. EVER.
Because of this I ran the whole way.
I didn't stop once, yes I was fucking slow, but I RAN 10k.

I have no idea what time I did it in, I forgot to press stop on my watch.

I wish I could have stayed around longer to chat with everyone but Will isn't 100% yet.
My baby needs his Mumma.

To everyone who ran, jogged, shuffled, walked, crawled today ~ Congratulations!
I am chafed in places I didn't know I could chafe 😱

PS how great is the medal 🏅
It's totally a stubby opener!

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