Broadbeach Waters

Broadbeach Waters parkrun

Cue Baywatch theme song, a parkrun near the beach 🏝
Stop Baywatch theme song, parkrun is nowhere near the beach.

I had visions of myself running into Travers Beynon from Candy Shop Mansion
Seriously I love him! 👯

So I got up really early 😴
Like 4:33am early.
I got myself organised last night - first time this year!
Ducked to the 2nd bathroom so I wouldn't wake up Ben.
Shower 🚿 
Nervous poo 💩
Dressed 💋
And out the door.
I was going to parkpram this morning but Will has a cough like a pack-a-day smoker so I left him at home.

Thank you Siri for almost getting me to parkrun.
The fucking road to get there was closed.
There was a walkway thing to get under the bridge. It screamed murder.
So I parked my car in front of a reeeeeeally flash house.
It had video cameras pointing all over the street.
Thinker Sminker💭Their footage of me could be used on the news.

At this exact moment in time 6:35am I am comparing photos from the Parkrun's Facebook page to my surroundings.
I am still not convinced I'm in the right place.
There are no parkrunners to be found & I just got bitten by a mosquito 🦇 on my face.

Now I can't really give you too much of a description of what it was like driving down here.
It was dark.

Finally people are setting up phew!

parkrun is held down the back of the PCYC. Only a small bunch of people today, it was pretty bloody cold.
But not that cold according to my new friend Michelle & her family all the way up from Ballarat 👋

Off we went, down a path, hooked a right under the bridge followed the path to a T-intersection, turned right. 
When you turn right you get onto a pathway which loops around the park.
You run this loop twice and head back to the start/finish line.

Now before the run the RD mentioned there was a dog park 🐶
I thought "I can handle that" thinking it would be an enclosed dog park.
FYI I am terrified of dogs 🐕

Ummmm no, it was an open dog park 😰
Dogs everywhere 😨
Off their leashes 😰
Running around the park 😰
Dogs that look like their owners, or visa versa?!?!

I just kept of running.
Now I'm sure you are all thinking 💭 ~ bet she got a PB with all those dogs!
No I didn't. I did run, but it was a fear run.
Running and scanning my surroundings - think The Terminator.
I am wee myself scared of dogs, cats, grasshoppers, moths, basically any animal.

Today I was out run by a speed walker - she was bloody fast!
Ohh and a dachshund with better hair than I & an overweight Pug.

I sashayed over the line in 34.36

I had the pleasure in meeting Michelle & her family who were all the way up from Ballarat.
This morning was warm weather for them ❄️
They described their local parkrun course in detail.
You guys didn't sell it very well 😜
Unsealed roads - thanks but no thanks!

A fantastic course, run by a great bunch of people. It's a smallish parkrun in numbers - we were all in the top 50 finishers today.
There was 44 of us 😎

Stay tuned for my review on my new PINK PUNK pocket crop that I took for a jiggle today.
This new running crop - holy moly, no more running belt for me!

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