Bunyaville parkrun

Okay 👌 
So let me set the scene for you.
I was terrified about this run. 
Truly terrified 👻
When I put Bunyaville on my shirt months ago I didn't realise it was a trail run 
Then someone told me.
Then I started shitting myself 💩

Last night I did my flatlay, released my official approved photo to be used on television to announce my disappearance.
Gotta look good.

When bushwalkers get lost on the news they always appear to be suffering from hypothermia.
Thinker shminker 💭 - between my super hairy legs & full length tights I would be fine.
Plus that would help if I manage to compound fracture an ankle.

TriRunning Toowoomba yellow hi-vis visor - the helicopters could see me from above 🚀
See I'm not an idiot.

After 3 alarms 🚨 I finally got up.
Mid wee selfie 🤳 
Shower 🚿 
Dressed 👄
A nervous poo 💩
Out the door 🚪 
In the car 🚗 
On the road 🛣
52k to go.

Now I thought I knew where Bunyaville was.
Turns out I don't.
I kept ignoring google maps 🗺 
She kept telling me to exit ↖️
I kept on going ⬆️
I kept driving further & further away.
I finally paid attention to her and found my way there.

Shit it was cold ⛄️
I left my jumper in the car, time to acclimatise.
I met Angela who happens to be my friends sister in law - Hey Kell & Raine 👋
Angie is lovely 😊 
We both complained to one another about the cold, I was too shy to make the first move......and ask her if she wanted to huddle for warmth 😜

We were given a warm welcome by the run committee 👏
To be honest, the run brief confused me. But I am easily confused 🤷‍♀️ 
My plan was to follow the people in front of me.

Time to make our way down to the start line.
Loose rocks everywhere.
Ohh god it got cold ❄️
2 erect key your car nipples cold📍📍

Go 🚦

Where is everyone going?
Why are they running up that hill?!?!
What kind of parkrun starts with a bloody hill?!?! Bunyaville & Petrie parkrun- that's who!

Run up the hill and around the corner, at the turn point ⤵️
Back down the hill.
Did I mention we are running on the rockiest rocks ever?

Run back down the hill.
Lungs screaming from the cold air.
Run & try not to break an ankle down to the next turn point ⤵️

Run run run take a left ⬅️
Into the forest 🌲🌳🌴🍃🍂🐺🐻🐜🕷🕸🐍🦎🦂
One of the great things about being slow - all the fasties get rid of the cobwebs 🕸

Run, walk, grunt, hike, struggle.
This is where I told Angie to go on without me. I hate holding others back.

I just kept on going.
One foot in front of the other.
Run up a hill.
Turn around point near a gate ⤵️
Veer off to the right and run into the bush.

I was passed by a very friendly group of professional looking trail runners out for a Saturday morning run.
Every single one of them cheered me on.

I was waaaay out the back of the pack.
I just had to keep on going - I could see 2 people ahead of me in the distance.
Just keep an eye on them to know where to go.

At this point I had to put my iPod on 📱 
The sound of my Darth Vader breathing was scaring me.
I also wanted to block out the sound of Ivan Milat chasing me from behind.

As I struggled on, I kept an eye out for the ultimate rocks to build my SOS sign.

Run, walk - what ever I could do.
I just kept on going.

The first of the return runners 🏃 
Down to the creek crossing - no water.
In my mind I looked like an Olympic Hurdler jumping across 🚧

Up a steep hill.
More return runners.
Everyone spurred one another along.
Go go go - a 4x4 car was on the track, the bush rangers were here to save me 👨‍🚒

Up to the fence turn around ⤵️
Run past Liv fromCleveland parkrun 👋
There was a whole lotta swearing at this stage.

Down the hill, back over the creek crossing.
Up the steep hills.

Run, shuffle, crawl.
My mouth was sticky, full of thick saliva.
I had to spit.
You all know I'm not a spitter.

Well I attempted to spit 💧
It stayed attached to my lips , swung around and turkey slapped me on the cheek 👄🦃
2nd time this year.

Go go go.
Someone is behind me.
I can hear crunching of gravel.
Ohh fuck.
This is the moment.
I'm going to abducted.
Ohh, nope.
I'm being passed by a 12 year old.
In my defence. I'm nearly 3 times that kids age & weight.

Run run run.
Ok really, walk walk walk.

I can see the finish line!!!!
Crap 💩 
I have to go another 700m to get there.
See a sign "Beware of asbestos"
Run as fast as I bloody well can.

Run run run.
Turn left ⬅️
I see the lovely Linda who has finished her run & has come back to help me on 💓
Run down the single file path.
When I say path - there ain't no path.

Turn left ⬅️
Back up that fucking rocky hill again 🤦‍♀️
Seriously. Who thinks it's a good idea to finish a run, any run with an uphill?

Everything hurts.
My lungs are screaming.
Turn the final corner.
Angie & Belinda are also there to help me over the line.

I rambled over the line in 42.47.
If anyone knows of other trail run things - let me know, I absolutely loved it!

It was so lovely to officially meet Angie, we have been chatting for a while 👯
I also met Linda - a follower of my page from the very beginning and Belinda - a fellow Brissie Running Woman.

I also got to catch up with the Redlands who's who of parkrun, Liv. I think the last time I saw Liv was at Cleveland parkrun 🏃🏽‍♀️

Thanks to Steve for ticking off my shirt ✔️

Bunyaville is an absolute MUST DO parkrun. Seriously.
Whilst doing it I struggled. 
At the end of it, I didn't want it to finish.
Get it on your list 📝

I came. 
I swore.
I conquered 🙌

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