What a fucking week we have had!
Rewind 1 week ~ I was loving life in Melbourne, moving through to 5 nights in hospital with my little one to this weekend ~ I'm running 15fucking kilometres this weekend 😳🔫

Calamvale parkrun was always going to be on my list, it's on the Southside of Brisbane, not too far from my place, I had also stupidly signed up to do the Brisbane's Great South Run 2 months ago when I was feeling all athletic.
I could parkrun & pick up my race pack nearby

Now, in my head Calamvale is flat.
I used to have a high school friend who lived in Calamvale. 
It was flat where she lived.
Jessica on this page let me know there are 2 "slight hills".
Slight hills my arse.
Slight hills & mounts of opportunities are never good🖕
It was Friday night when I found out about these hills.
Too bloody late to pull out now!

I got up early & snuck out of the house.
Will isn't parkpramming this weekend, he is hanging out with Dad until I get home.
I managed I creep out of the house without waking Will, but according to Ben I was "like a bull in a China shop" with the noise I was making 🐂

I made my way over to Calamvale.
Yeah, Calamvale is a massive suburb, nowhere near my friends old place.
I arrived at 6:25 and sat in my car because it was bloody freezing.
It finally dawned on me I was parked nowhere near the parkrun gathering spot, crap, I had to get out of the car and go looking for it 😏.

Don't worry, I found it then I hung out in the sun to defrost.

I had the pleasure in meeting Mike who has been on me for a while to come to Calamvale, it was great to meet him in person 👋
Mike also gave a bit of a speech about me, telling everyone to follow my page 👊

Thank you to the run committee for making me feel so welcome.

The run is a 2 & 1/2 loop figure of 8 course through Calamvale District Park, the run is mostly on wide footpaths for a fair chunk of the way around.
It's was a bit of a squeeze through some sections at the beginning of the run, lucky for me I'm so slow, it thinned out pretty quickly where I was at the back.

I shuffled the whole way in my new Hoka's.
I'm not sold on them as yet, I need to get used to them.

The 2 slight hills were not slight when I was running them.
Now 2 hours post parkrun I can say, yes they were slight.

I scurried over the line in 36.11

Calamvale is a lovely location for a parkrun, if you get the opportunity to run over there - give it a go!

After the run I ducked over to Algester to pick up my race pack for tomorrow's 10k.
The race pack included my XXL skin tight singlet (yay 😞)

If only they gave you your medal when you collect your race pack, it would save me at least an hours worth of pain 🏅

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