Capalaba Parkrun

Why I chose Capalaba for my first official Tour de Parkrun I have no idea. It's 36k from my house.
I drove past the servo on the way to Parkrun this morning, fucking unleaded was 142.9 per litre.
I need to start planning these Parkruns around the fuel cyclesย ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Also it appears no one on this page attends Capalaba, phew, I can go completely unnoticed, and not be mobbed by you bunch of weirdosย ๐Ÿ˜œ.

The drive there was nice, no traffic because no one else is stupid enough to drive to Capalaba for a quick 5k.
I managed to get lost, thank God for Siriย ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

The Parkrun is held in Capalaba Regional Park.
It's located behind Bunnings.

Useless fact for you - I worked at Bunnings when I was in high school.
I was the door greeter.
I hated greeting people.
I was an arsehole door greeted because they made me collect trolleys.
Anyways, I used to do the closing messages over the PA system and they used to go a little something like this "Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to Bunnings warehouse (location), the time is now quarter to 5 and our store will be closing in 15 minutes time.
Please assist us by finalising your purchases and making your way to the front of the store, once again, thank you for shopping at Bunnings Warehouse (location), where lowest prices are just the beginning"
I've left the location out because I don't want you to realise that I was that bitch on the Bunnings front door when you went there in 2001.

Soooo, every time I drive past a Bunnings I automatically launch into my lines. I'm that crazy woman you see in the car next to you talking to herself.
You know she isn't singing or using Bluetooth.
She is plain old talking to herself.

I sat in the car waiting for it to get a little closer to the Parkrun start time attempting to improve/perfect my Bunnings greeting.
I haven't worked there in 15 years.

The only reason I go to Bunnings now is for a sausage sizzle. Seriously.

The course was really nice, relatively flat, it was quite overcast which was a relief, it was still stupidly hot & humid but at least I didn't have than blazing sun beaming down on meย โ˜€๏ธ
I did meet a lovely lady by the name of Debbie, well at least I think was Debbie? If you are reading this ~ Hiย ๐Ÿ‘‹

I trotted over the line in 37.52 - a new PB!
I'm really chuffed with my time, I only walked a tiny portion and that was thanks to a bit of a hillish thing to go up and over a small bridge.

The volunteers were great, cheering everyone on as we went.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I've just come home & now I'm helping my husband mow the lawn, we also do our elderly neighbours in exchange for a carton of beer. Shame I don't drink beerย ๐Ÿป

Will I come back to Capalaba Parkrun again? Maybe, as long as I don't have to sell my left kidney to pay for the petrol to get there.

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