So today I had actually planned to attend New Farm parkrun to meet with Mel from this page who is up in Brisbane from Launceston.

Unfortunately due to construction work on the pathways around New Farm the parkrun committee made the decision to cancel this weeks run.
They made the right decision.
You can't risk the safety of nearly 400 runners.
Never fear, I will head back to New Farm later in the year in my tour.
You haven't dodged my bullet yet!

In a last minute scramble I chose to head to Cleveland parkrun. It was their 200th run 🏅 & there would be cake 🍰

Thank you to the RD for welcoming me.
A huge shout out & hello to my " Fan Girl" Carmel who I recognised due her Facebook profile picture.
She had a decorative pattern shaved into the back of her head recently.
Carmel, thank so you making me feel so welcome, you are hilarious.

Just a reminder I had an operation on Tuesday.
I'm not trying to be a hero or an inspiration getting out there less than a week later.
I wouldn't be walking it if I didn't feel up to it. I felt sorry for today's Tail Runner who got stuck behind me.
Ben thinks I'm an utter idiot for walking.
Well, more of an idiot than usual.

I took my time today.
I walked, I strolled, I enjoyed myself.
The course was lovely, The scenery was stunning, the view over the water was breathtaking, that may have also been because I was out of breath from pushing BOB 1 arm style.

Seriously if you get a chance to go to Cleveland do it, the pathway along the whole 5k loop is spacious & relativity flat.

I met the loveliest fellow Mum named Bec & her glorious 5 month old Anna.
I swear she is my sister from another mister.
We laughed and talked the whole 5k, we discussed Rodeo, ute shows right through to B&S Balls down to the finer point in life, which pub in Mt Isa to drink at.
Seriously Bec, you read this, send me a message with your details, we need to catch up again!

I slowly walked over the line in 55.47

My husband Ben, who hasn't run 5k in years ran it in 34.37.

After parkrun Will smashed a piece of cake, literally & physically.
We decided to pop into Cleveland & have breakfast.

Now I won't tell you where we went to eat but I will tell you than within 15 minutes of eating I was violently throwing my guts up into a nappy bag.
Don't know if it was what I ate? I stomach bug I picked up? I thought I was going to shit my pants while walking down the Main Street in Cleveland.

I planned my trip to Cleveland as there is a shoe shop that sells Birkenstock.
I live in my birkies.
I know I'm not well when I just ask my husband to drive me home rather than shop for shoes.
Or I might have yelled at him to "open the fucking car" when I was moments away from either shitting myself or vomiting all over myself.

During the drive home I managed to fill 2 nappy bags to the brim. Ben managed to find another random plastic bag floating around in the backseat.
He passed it to me & I started my heaving again.

The plastic bag had a hole in the bottom.
The contents pooled in the bottom.
The contents then rolled down my leg and pooled in my shoe 🤢

Thank the Lord for my husband Ben who cleaned up my mess, wrangled Will & let me sleep it off.

I'm never having an acai bowl again, serves me right for trying to be a cool hipster when I am clearly a sausage roll kinda gal.


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