I chose Coomera as it's closeish to my house, I have family arriving today for the weekend, I needed to be close to home so I could finish my run, get home and beautify myself.....
Simple Simon strikes again (Siri)
Apparently there are 2 Tallowood Parks. In opposite directions 😞
He took me past Yatala Pies twice (why is there no pie emoji?)

Now I don't know much about Coomera other than that's where Dreamworld is.

Every time I have ever been down the coast there is a traffic jam right out the front of Dreamworld, it's just all the cars slowing down looking out the windows at the rides.

I thought Coomera was flat because of the Dreamworld side.
Um, apparently not.
After I released some of my tour dates some people commented they live in Coomera but drive to other Parkruns to avoid the Coomera hills. FML.

Today is also the day where BOB made his first Parkrun appearance.
Now I knew I would not be breaking any records pushing a pram around whilst trying to run. 
And I'm okay with that.
It's not all about beating your time believe it or not, it's about getting out there and doing your thing.
5k is 5k.
It's always nice to do a PB, but I am not dissapointed in the slightest.

I had the pleasure in meeting Steve from this page - this guy is in the 60's of Parkrun touring.
It was great to see someone who is getting out there and doing the same thing I'm doing 👋

Parkpramming is bloody hardwork!
I have always respected the Mums & Dads out there who do their thing carting a kid around the 5k track.
My friend Nadine does her thing with her double pram aka The Windsock.

BOB handled like a dream!
I cannot thank team Britax enough for helping me out.

Will enjoyed himself thoroughly 👶🏻

It was hot &humid & I just wanted to go home.

The course looks nice from a distance. 
When when you run it you want to die.
One incline is nothing in the car, but when you are running it twice it's crazy.

I cruised over the line in 38.55

Will I come back to Coomera, yes, once they change the route to get rid of the hills.


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