Fast Run Festival - Formally known as Brisbane’s Fastest 10k

Fast Run Festival - Formally known as Brisbane’s Fastest 10k
07/10/2017 (I’m catching up on my reviews😇)

After 1 alarm I staggered out of bed 🚨
It was a Saturday afternoon.
I was rudely woken from my post parkrun Saturday afternoon nap.
Even if Will doesn’t want to sleep. WE sleep!
I had stupidly signed up to do a 10k fun run.
I was still recovering from Surfers Paradise parkrun from earlier in the day 🤕
Shower 🚿
Shit 💩
Dressed 💋
In the car 🚘
On the road to pick up my friend Talisha.

Picked up my hitch hiker 💃
Whacked Pallara in the GPS 🗺
And off we went.

We eventually arrived.
I still don’t really know where we went - it’s the wrong side of town for me 🤷‍♀️

We parked the car 🚘
Got our race packs.
Mingled 🕺💃👯‍♀️
Posed for a few photos with Michelle & Sharnee (#wanker - I know your thinking it)

I ran to friends - Vicki, Linzi, Steph, Chrissy, Sandra, Michaela, Dan, Sami, Shannon, Em, Kell, Nadine, Olive, Nicole!
I also steered clear of Reece from Running Paparazzi - he was dressed as that clown from IT.
Fucking terrifying 🤡 🎈
Every single one of them I have met thanks to running.

I was most excited to meet Pete from Swim, ride, run, repeat
We had been corresponding via Facebook & to finally meet him in person was surreal. He is a good egg & even nicer in person 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

After a bit of fucking around it was nervous wee time 💦💦💦🌊💦💦💦
Time to line up & run.
Revvies Energy Strips time 👅

Ohhh fuck.
Fuckity fuck!!!!
Go 🚦

And I’m off and shuffling!
Run run run up the road.
Veer off to the left ↖️
Run run run down to the turn around point ↩️
Run run run turn right ➡️
Run run run - I’m approaching the spectators.
Suck my gunt in, hold my head up & pretend I’m not dying 🏃‍♀️💋👄🤩
Turn right ➡️
Run run run past the spectators who I know where all there to see me 😜👏🙌👏🙌

Run run run past the wine stand 🍷
Run run run turn right at the portaloos ➡️
Run turn left ⬅️
Run run run turn right ➡️
Run turn left.
Run run run turn left ⬅️
Run run run & follow the curve in the road 🔃
Turn right ➡️
run run run turn left ⬅️
Run to the end of the street turn left ⬅️
Run to the end of the street turn left ⬅️
Turn left again ( are you fucking confused yet?!)

Eventually you get back out onto the straight.
And I’m only 4 fucking k’s in!
Ohh and this is the moment I took a kick to the gunt.
“Finishers coming through” I hear being yelled out behind me👂
I turn around and sure enough there they were.
A bunch of greyhound looking runners coming up behind me 🐎

I just kept on plodding along.
I eventually made it to the 5k mark and had to do all of the above again 🤬

With all the turns - think live action Packman 😳

Run run run I’m at the 8k Mark & who the fuck decides to pass me....again.....those greyhound winners.
They were on their 5k cool down lap.
I mean really?!?!

I eventually paraded over the line in 1 hour 10 minutes & 16 seconds.
I was fucking rooted.
Like absolutely rooted.
But at least I got a really pretty medal 🏅

I’m not cut out for running 2 events in 1 day......Warwick Pentathrun will be the ultimate test of endurance (I haven’t signed up yet).
I’m still not sure I’m in stupid enough to do it.

It was so great to catch up with so many people.
I even ran into a childhood friend Chantelle who I had known since I was 5 👧👧

I met so many lovely people & may have insulted the Mayor 💂‍♂️

All of my running photos it was basically dark - like the sun had set 😂
Hopefully I’ll be a bit faster next year 📸

Would I do this event again?
But hopefully I’ll be soooo famous this year, I’ll be a VIP.
🤞 I’ll be sitting in the back of a convertible with Mayor Graham Quirk waving at everyone as they on run by

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