First as The Plus Size Parkrunner

The power of the Poise

Today was my first Parkrun since coming out as The Plus Size Parkrunner.

I drove on autopilot most of the way there, then realised I was almost out of petrol. I went to the most expensive petrol station around and whilst trying to figure out how to re-mortgage the house to pay for it ($1.39 a litre) I splashed myself majorily with ethanol blend 91.

I fear that at the speed at which my thighs rub together mid-run I would catch on fire 🔥

I got to the park & sat in the car for ages, making the most of the air conditioning.

Finally I got out to face the crowd, I met some of the loveliest people this morning 💕💕💕💕

I usually just go to Parkrun, do my slow thing, get in the car and drive the long way home. (Child free time)

Today I had Mel encouraging me across the finishing line - I officially met her after the run, she recognised me from this page.

Had a chat together afterwards with Nadine, Jemma, Christine, Faith -
I have forgotten names already, I apologise 😔

I managed to do my thing in 39.48!
I ran/shuffled the whole way, my run/shuffle is slower than others power walks.
I did my thing in 28 degree heat & 5808648% humidity.

And thanks to by BYO spill kit (Poise pad) I averted a possible bush fire 😂🌳😂

All praise the power of the Poise, Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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