Gold Coast Airport Marathon 10k

Gold Coast Airport Marathon

I was rudely woken by my husband at 3am. He kicked me out of bed.
10, 20 & 30 minutes before my alarms 🚨 were due to go off.
I annoyed the shit out of him the night before running around the house chanting "GCAM GCAM".
Payback is a bitch!

I was organised.
For the first time ever.
Everything in a pile in the bathroom ready to go.

During my did mid-wee selfie 🤳 I actually think I fell asleep 😴 
Shower 🚿 
Dressed & ready to go.

I drove to a secret location to meet my mate Talisha. We carpooled down together.
There was hardly any traffic on the road.
Why was this?
A. No one else is stupid enough to pay to run.
B. Everyone else was staying down the coast already.
I'm going with A

We drove around trying to find the ultimate carpark. We found it!
We got out of the car.
Holy blue balls - it was freezing ❄️

We made our way over to the main location.
It was still dark.
And still freezing ❄️
Why do I sign up for this shit??

We had a look around.
Checked out the competition.
Ran into so many people who recognised me - hi 👋

Went for a bit of a hunt & found the Running Mums Australia tent
Searched high & low for Running Guy
I think he's avoiding me......

I saw the signs for the elite runners & media area.
I'm clearly no elite runner, but a social media star surely ⭐️ !
Yeah, I didn't get in.

The sun was rising. It wasn't getting any warmer 😫
We found the starting point for group D.
I had a chat with my old man recently about me doing the 10k, years ago (27 years ago) he did the half marathon.
I told him I was starting in group D, he told me things clearly haven't changed since I was in high school #ouch

A few mandatory selfies later it was 6:25 and we were starting in 5 minutes 😱
I scoped out the competition.

Over the loud speaker 🔊 there were all kinds of announcements.
The English version just echoed - no idea what that bloke said. 
Luckily I'm fluent in Japanese......

We didn't move.
There were soooo many people.
Think cattle being mustered.
Cattle being mustered up a small hill.
I slowly walked my way to the official start line - people yelling out "Go Shanon" and "Go RMA"
I was so happy to see my friend David from Logan River Runners cheering people on 💋

And finally I was off.
Dodging in between the walkers.
In & out. In & out. Zig Zag. Zig Zag.
Just gotta stay in front of that bloody white van!

The sun was rising.
It still wasn't getting any warmer 🌬
We ran down over the Southport bridge, when I was at the 2k mark the elites were already at the 5k mark.
Turn around at the bottom of the bridge and run run run.
Past Australia Fair shopping centre - I kept looking over towards the food court.
There is a place in there that sell cups of pork cracking 🐷🤤

Once I stopped dribbling I looked out to the right.
The sun was coming up.
It was fucking spectacular.

Run run run past some of my mates on the sidelines - Saskia, Chrissy, Emeline, Little Miss E & Holly - woohoo!
Run run run up a bloody hill.
Ok it wasn't really a hill but a bit of an incline, but it's my story so it was a hill.
Run down the hill, I'm at the 4ishk mark.
Ohh and there are runners crossing the finish line.

Run Run Run past a Mexican restaurant, Cav's steakhouse, KFC, McDonald's.
I'm was hurting.
I was hungry.

I kept on running.
Finally! Another turnaround point ↪️
But still 3.5k to go.
Run run run. Ohhh KFC again!

Back on the home stretch. 1.5k to go.
My legs were hurting, my shoulder was hurting, I was sweating & swearing - Hi Christine!
Past a speed camera 🎥 
Thank god I was wearing my race bib on the front of my shirt, or I would be expecting a ticket in the mail. 
I was running soooo fast 🤥

Home stretch.
I was on the far left side of the road running past all the spectators.
I was rooted. There was almost tears.
At this exact moment " Survivor" by Destiny's Child came on my iPod 📱 
I turned that bugger up ⬆️
However, to everyone watching me, they probably thought I was doing a breast check with the amount of fondling I was doing to find the volume buttons 😑

People cheering!
People yelling! Was it my name? 
I have no idea, I just ran.
Finally the 250m to go sign.
The longest 250m of my life.

There it was, the end was in sight.
I kicked it up a gear. I was almost finished.
And that was it. 
I was done.
10k done & I didn't get picked up by the white van 🚐
I scooted over the line in 1hr 12 mins.
The exact same time as Great South Run & QUT Classic!

I was offered a vomit bag by some random volunteer, did I look that bad?
Thanks but no thanks.
Yes I was a little light headed but nothing that a free banana & a bottle of water wouldn't fix.

Off to the tent to pick up my FINISHERS medal & FINISHERS shirt - that goes out to everyone who jokes about them being participation medals & shirts.
You have to finish to bloody get one 🏅👚

So. Many. People.
A special shout out to Shirley & her family from Victoria who tracked me down in Australia Fair to say g'day after the run 🏃🏽‍♀️

I found my friend Talisha and we went for a wander, the poor thing got a terrible cramp in her leg but hopefully now she is ok.
I on the other hand am walking around like I've had an episiotomy.
Everything hurts. It hurts so bad!

My wonderful husband took Will out of lunch today so I could have a nap 😴 
A glorious 3 hour nap.

So, when can I do this all again?

P.S. I'm not fluent in Japanese. I can barely grasp English at the best of times 🙊

Special thanks to everyone who made my run possible
fisiocrem Australia
Bollé Australia
Poise Australia

And finally Ben & Will, my world.

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