Griffith Sport Logan Fun Run

I set my alarm 🚨 for 5:13 - I managed to hit a cheeky snooze before I dragged myself out of bed.
I decided to be nice to Ben & let him have a sleep in, after all he had been left to deal with Will for the whole weekend.

I did my flat lay last night - I was organised.
Shower 🚿 
Nervous poo 💩
Ready to go 🚦

Off I set down the hill to Meadowbrook.
Munching on the hardest, woodiest banana 🍌 I could find.
That bad banana was an omen for what was to come.

I arrived nice and early - heading back to the race pack collection point to volunteer.

I got to meet so many people, had a chat, informed the Berrinba Runners I would be gatecrashing their tent later.
They had won the delux tent for having the most amount of entries.

It was soon brought to my attention it was 7:57 - the 10k starts at 8:00.
I made a mad dash to the start line.
The anticipation was building, my heart was pounding, the same thoughts 💭 enters my head - Why the hell am I doing this?!?!

This is where I caught up with my friend Nadine from Logan River parkrun.
She was there with her 2 kids Master H & Miss Z buckled their twin pram for the ride with of their lives.
I offered to help Nadine out along the run.
Now, this wonder woman did the City to South 14k run recently, pushing the double rig, solo. She is a machine.

On your marks, get set, go!!!!

Off we went down the road, hey this isn't too bad. Hooked a right along side the football field, on a cement path.
It wasn't too wide - basically double pram wide, but at least it was still cement.
I could see a bit of a right turn in the distance.
This it where it went to hell in a hand basket.

Mud, mud, mud as far as the eye could see.
Tracks of mud, mounts of mud 😱
At first we tried running through it but it just wasn't happening with the pram.
On we pushed through mud & muck.

1k later we came up to a rise before a hill down to the oval.
We got stuck.
A lovely man came and helped us lift/pry ourselves out of the bog.

Down the hill - time for me to take over.
Around the oval, up a hill back onto the road 🙏🏻
Up through the campus, back onto grass - we wound our way around the backhills of Meadowbrook.
Constantly stopping to pry the crap that was clogging up the wheel.
Swapping the pushing role back and forth along the way.

Around another bend, and that's when we saw it, mud as far as they eye could see 👀

We pushed on through, with strangers helping us get over massive puddles.
This is where we ran into Bec, another Logan River parkrunner with her sisters & crew who joined us on our mission.
Under the Logan Motorway we went, being cheered on by the return runners.
Also being warned of the dangers which lay ahead.

Tagging in and out we soldiered on.
Over hills, in ditches, small mounds, large mounds.

Do you realise we haven't even turned around yet??

Now we turn around and attempt to do it all again.
This is when I smeared mud on my face, like I was going to war.
Then I realise the mud was a combination of cow shit & post flood gunk.
That shit will take your skin off.

Did I also mention Miss Z slept through the majority of this debacle??

Mud kicked up our legs, filthy wet shoes & socks.
I also wore my trail shoes today.
The tread filled up with mud early in the piece = the equivalent of bald tyres.

On we soldiered, pushing each other, helping one another, encouraging one another.

We were cheered across the finish line.
We made it.
We did it.
We survived.

Whilst I was aware this course had a bit of off-road, I didn't realise it was going to be 90% cross country.
The rain we have had this last week hadn't helped either.

We rolled over the line in 1hr 48 mins 58 secs.

We kept on going.
Nothing was going to stop us.
We are strong women.
We were strong women.

I saw my Mountain Women friends Nic & Mel 👋👋, Emeline & Miss E, Steph & the super kid from The Adventures of Super Steph, Crystal, fellow RMA's, some of the Brissie Running Women, David, Team Smoothy 📸 - Pete was my personal photographer 😎, Michaela
& the Wilson clan, Sheila, Helen, Kell, Raine, Jodie.
Making new friends from Berrinba Jodi & Jenny!

Thanks to Grove Juice for being set up right at the finishing line.
I downed a bottle of Apple & Ginger juice in record time - that stuff is bloody delicious 😋

To Eloise, Holly and all of the volunteers, you all did an amazing job.
Thank you for asking me to be an ambassador to your event, I'm so honoured 🙏🏻
Thank you for hosting such a great event!

Will I be back next year?
Yes, as long as it's BYO quad bike & the course is re-name to Logan Tough Mudderfucker

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