Hello Balls

Lebanese Spiced Beef & Fetta Meatballs with Quinoa Tabbouleh and Hummus Dressing, complete with chip in the bowl 😕
(I’m half way through & forgot to take a photo)

One of the biggest changes we have recently made is ordering HelloFresh

In the past you would know what day it is by what we were eating.
Monday - Sausages
Tuesday - flashy wood fired pizza while Mum’s at Zumba 🍕
Wednesday - Tacos 🌮- I know its not Taco Tuesday 🤷‍♀️
Thursday - microwave meal
Friday - steak 🥩

Now there is nothing wrong with that.
We are creatures of habit.

I decided to order HelloFresh to try something different & holy shit, hasn’t our eating habits changed!

We order a 3 meal box for 2 people 📦
There is more than enough for the 2.5 of us.

Ben & I look forward to cooking different meals.
Meals from scratch.
If I look up a recipe in a book 📚 I usually need to buy a million herbs & spices I’ll never use again.
The beauty of HelloFresh is I get all the ingredients I need.

Will was living on a diet of chicken nuggets, sausages & tomato sauce.
Not because I’m a crap Mum, but he was stubborn with what he would eat.

I’m sitting next to him right now, watching him devour his dinner.
Yes he is picking out every single piece of chopped parsley from the tabbouleh & chucking it on the floor, but he’s trying it!

We still enjoy our sausages, but we are loving trying different foods.

And tonight, Ben’s balls were amazing

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