Ipswich QLD parkrun

Yo, VIP, Let's kick it!!!!
Ice Ice Baby, Ice Ice Baby
All right stop, Collaborate and listen 👂

Today was a 2 alarm morning 🚨 
Mid-Wee selfie 🤳 
Shower 🚿 
Dressed 💋

Google where the hell I'm going.
Hit the road 🛣
55kms to go

The drive was uneventful.
It was dark.
I did spy a sneaky portable speed camera 🎥, but I wasn't born yesterday!
Plus Myrtle the Turtle 🐢 struggles to get to a 💯

I arrive at Limestone Park.
I scored a great carpark
Opened the door.
Nup. Too cold ❄️
Icy cold.
2 nipple erect cold 📍📍
So I sat in my car thinking 💭 "why the fuck do I do this to myself"?
Because I love it that's why.

Eventually I dragged myself out of the car, I met Ruth who introduced me to a few people.
I huddled with them for warmth 🔥

Run brief done. 
Again, my plan is to just follow everyone else.
Move to the starting line.
Find a man running with a t-shirt, shorts, with a dog 🐶 but no shoes!!
He was standing the the wet dewy grass! Madness!
Strip off 👄
Don't worry I'm only stripping off my jumper.

Go 🚦

Off we went.
This isn't too bad. A slight rise.
There was a fair bit of dried mud on the path which made it a bit difficult at times - in no way is that parkrun's fault.
Hook a left follow the path.
Another slight rise.

Shit! a zig zag kind of hill!
Huff. Puff.
At the top of this mini hill take a left.
Run, run, run.
My undies roll down.
Yes, again.
Not the same undies as Maryborough.
To the people behind me it would have looked like I was either wearing a nappy or I had shit myself 💩
It was neither.

Note to self 📝 
Must buy new undies!

Huff. Puff.
Oh what a nice view.
Oh wait!
Do I have to run that?
I could see the whole course. 
Hills 🏔

Down a hill, take a right.
Run down the path.
Run up the path.
Turn around point ↪️
That's not so bad!

Run down a hill.
Run up a hill.
Turn left.
Run up a hill.

Hang on!!!!
Why is everyone running up that other massive hill over there?
Ohh that's because it's part of the course.
At the Marshall turn left. 
Run, shuffle, walk. Whatever you have to do to get up that bloody hill.
Heartbreak Hill 💔

At the top of the hill almost have a heart attack.
During the run brief it was pointed out they have a defib, but also the Ambulance station is just down the road 🚑

Sweet Baby Jesus must have heard me grunting "oh God" on my way up the hill.
He organised for some Mormon's to meet me at the top 🙏🏻

Run, shuffle, crawl.
Ohh a downhill!

At the Marshall turn left. 
Down the hill.
Follow the path.

That's it!
I can see the finish line!
I can pull my undies out on my arse soon 🍑
Hold on a minute.
Turn around ↪️
That's the 2.5k mark.
So I get to run this all again?
Yayyyyy 🙌
(I saw my car, I should have just got in it and left).

Repeat all of the above.
Enter a whole lotta swearing & sweating💦

This is where I was playing cat 🐱 & mouse 🐭 with a Dad running who was pushing a pram.
Now this guy is was FIT 💪
He had an ironman tattoo on his leg. 
His very muscular leg 👊

He was running along pushing a pram with a child in it, motivating everyone, he was cheering his daughter Bella on.
She must have maybe 6.
She was a speed demon!
I have since found out his name was Leigh. 
He is one great guy 🏆

Run run run.
Run to the finish line.

I lurched over the line in 35 minutes

Today I had the pleasure in meeting Sandy, Ruth, Kellie, Jaclyn, Kay & Rob.

I got to also catch up with Cheryl & Megan who I initially met at Brisbane's Great South Run.

The hills were brutal. Brutal I tell you!!!
I'm 2 hours post-parkrun & I'm still recovering.

Y'all have rocks in your head if you think I'm doing Nambour.

My Poise gave me a Brazilian.
I was cold. 
Freezing cold.
A lovely location.
A lovely bunch of people.

If you are up for a challenge this is a course for you!

Would I do Ipswich parkrun again?
Yes, once they move the course to a flat location.

Ice Ice Baby Vanilla, Ice Ice Baby Vanilla
Ice Ice…

P.S. get me some Vanilla Slice Slice Baby

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