Karawatha Forest

The first & quite possibly last trail run with the pram

I decided to go for a trail run today.
My first ever trail run.
I actually wanted to go on Friday but it didn't happen with a sick child.

Ben is working today so Will & I loaded up and went for a drive to the Karawatha Forest 🌳 it's about 15 mins from our house.

I stopped at the information centre and grabbed a map 🗺 
It would have been good if I could read a map.
I started off on what I thought was the Echidna Track, a few inclines but it was okay.
BOB from Britax handled like a dream, it seriously is the 4x4 of the pram world.
I ran/walked/ran/walked.

Then I got to some stairs.
There was no going back, I had come so far, maybe 300 metres?
With a whole lotta grunting, a shitload of swearing I got BOB to the top of the stairs 👊

More stairs 😫😫😫😫😫
Again I managed to get the pram to the top on of the stairs.
I almost had a stroke.
I was drenched in sweat, my heart was pounding, I'm sure I had just completed a UTA100.
I rounded the corner and saw the sign.
Nope, I had just done 1.1k.
I also found out I managed to get myself into the Rocks Trail, I was warned by Britt not to use this track just yesterday 🤦‍♀️

Off I set again, I had no idea where I was going.
Down hill trail running is fun, until you push the pram into a massive spiderweb, thank god for the pram, it copped the majority of the web.
I tried to run away from it, back up the hill but I had the bloody pram safety strap around my wrist, and I couldn't really leave Will to be eaten my Aragog (Harry Potter reference)

After using a stick to beat off the spiderweb, it was one of those really sticky webs, I set off again.
I ran & I ran & I ran.
Well, I really jiggled & jiggled & jiggled down the hill.
I got lost. So lost.

When I realised I could hear no one or see anyone, and the fact I could no longer see a defined path it was time to turn around & head back - which way was back?
Will to the rescue!
He had dropped a trail of tiny teddies 🙌

I huffed & puffed back up a hill - back to the fork in the road.
I initially chose to go left.
Big mistake - always go right ➡️

Then I saw a man! I was saved! I wasn't going to die in the forest!
He had a bit of the Ivan Milats about him 
I got in front of him and ran for my life.
Think Wolf Creek horror movie running through the bush.
I could see a sign in the distance - the back of a sign, I ran as fast as I could to the sign.
Well the skull & crossbones might have been my exaggeration.
Where the hell was I?

I kept on running, nothing appeared familiar. 
I could hear kids laughing (think horror movie again).
Finally I rounded the corner and I was safe!
I was back at the information centre!
AND Will slept through it all!

Will I trail run again? YES!
Without the kid.
Was the $50 I spent on a pair of trail running shoes on serious markdown the other day worth it? YES

I can't wait to go back!

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