Kirra parkrun

Alarm goes back off 4:44am 🚨
Hit snooze ✋️
Alarm goes off 4:52am - gets pushed out of bed 👉
Stumble to the other bathroom 🚽
Mid wee selfie 🤳
Shower 🚿

I currently have 2 ear infections, a touch of pink eye & something called a postnasal drip 👃
I attempted to gargle some betadine throat gargle, I swallowed some then spit up/threw up the remaining.
It looked like a murder scene.
Attempted to wipe it up, with white towels 🤦‍♀️

Dressed 💋
My watch vibrates 💆
I get a message on my watch ⌚️ Talisha is outside.
I have a vibrating watch. Yes 🙇‍♀️

In Mytle the Turtle 🐢 we climb.
On the road we go. 72k to go!!!
I met Talisha at Zumba Fitness with Hayley & Robert at Shailer Park & we have become friends, I drag that poor girl to parkrun with me. She is my photographer/security 😂

Thanks to Siri we arrived at Gilltrap park at Kirra.
It was pretty early still so we took some sexy selfies in the car.
And my we, I mean me.

Eventually we emerged from my vehicle 🚗, we walked down the sand to look at the water.
It was spectacular 🏝
The waves were crashing 🌊 the run was rising ☀️ it was a perfect day.

We made our way back over to the parkrun gathering area.
And that's when it happened.
Is that him?
No it can't be.
Fuck! I think it is him.
Fuck! He is walking this way.
It was Running Guy
I think I managed to splutter a "Hi"
I couldn't make eye contact, I was like a giddy schoolgirl 👧🏽
I wasn't meant to meet him for weeks - when my hair was straight, my tan on point & browns on fleek 💅

I was welcomed to Kirra by Em, one of the RD's - she is lovely, ohhh and her gorgeous 6 month old little girl 👶 - cue my ovaries singing for another baby.

Then I saw him. Paul from Melbourne, making his way through the crowd with his Wonder Woman head dress on 👑
He got down on he knees to hail HRH The Plus Size Parkrunner 😂🤣😂
Paul started his parkrun Australia journey at Kirra after his friend Greg dragged him along. And just like me, parkrun has changed his life.
Paul flew up from Melbourne on Friday night to run parkrun.
He is THE loveliest, friendliest, hilarious guy.
He got full of piss and decided to send an email to the QLD premier inviting her to parkrun with us.
She declined 😂
Ohhh and the Tiaras and Tatts theme was great!

During the run brief I spent the time trying to work out how to use my new flash watch.
Yes, I still don't know how to use it properly.

Go 🚦

Run run run past the North Kirra Surf Life Saving Supporters Club
Only 4.8k to go until I will have pancakes 🥞 with ice cream 🍦& bacon 🥓 in my belly.

Run run run.
There were a few slight inclines.
Run run run - ohh fuck, there he is. Running the opposite direction.
Do. Not. Make. Eye. Contact. 👀

Yes! He didn't see me!
Yes he did. Ryan ran back to me to take a selfie 🤳

Run run run - finally the turn point ↪️
Run run run all the way back.

I can see the parkrun hut!
Crap - I have to run up past it to the next turn around point!

Run run run to the next turn around point & run back the finish line.

I staggered over the line in 33.28.
The course it lovely, is runs along the water on a fantastic path.
It's bloody beautiful,

I had the pleasure in meeting so many people, Ryan, Em, Paul, Greg, Jeni, Kelly, Kylie, Michelle, Sharon Allison & Terry, Nerissa, Sandra, Linda, Caz, Robyn - if I forgot your name I'm sorry - sooo many people today!
And not to forget Stephen, I had the opportunity to have a chat with Stephen & his wife Robyn about the health obstacles Steve is currently going through.
He is an absolute champion 🏆

We had a wonderful breakfast, surrounded by wonder people & a spectacular view.

My parkrun adventure wouldn't be complete without my tiara saving me from a swooping magpie - it got Talisha instead 🤕 ohh and a
a wrong left turn leading us to NSW for 4 minutes.

Would I do Kirra parkrun again?
In a heartbeat

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