Meadowbrook parkrun

I set my alarm 🚨 for 5:13am
Why? I have no idea. I live 10 minutes from Meadowbrook.
It went off, I hit snooze twice until Ben kicked me out of bed.

Mid-wee selfie 🤳 
Shower 🚿 
Thundered around the house trying to find my running belt - no luck!

Grabbed my car key 🔑 opened the garage.
Wot the actual fuck?
It was raining. Well not really raining just a very light sprinkle.
But under my definition- water coming from the sky = rain ☔️

As I drove to parkrun it got heavier & heavier 😩

Meadowbrook parkrun is held in Riverdale Park which is located behind the hospital 🏥 & TAFE.
I need to go to TAFE for me to be educated on why I give up my sleep-in every Saturday to parkrun.
Also being close to the hospital is reassuring, the rain made it feel like a compound fracture kind of day!

It started to pour down just as I arrived 😩
We all huddled under the shelter.

I was approached by the sweetest young man today. His name was Adam and he was parkrunning with his Uncle. 
He asked me to autograph his parkrun shirt 😎 
Last time I was asked for my autograph was in Coles. And the girl wasn't really asking for my autograph, I had to sign that credit card 💳 slip thing when we used to have to sign.
Adam had the most impeccable manners - Adam's Mum - you should be very proud!

I had the pleasure in meeting Dannii & Susan.
Susan was today's photographer- I gave her strict instructions I was only to be photographed on the upwards stride.

The run.
The park in which parkrun is held was severely affected from the flood.
parkrun was actually cancelled for 8 weeks and has only just started back up.
Some parts of the course are still having work done but it is safe to run.

Ready, set, GO!
Off we went, down the path, hook a right and head into the deep dark forest.
Follow that path for bloody ages, turn left, and there is it - the wooden bridge, which is currently out of order.
Yay! Trail run along the side in the bridge, a few puddles but not too bad.
Back onto the path turn right. Run, turn right at the Marshall.
Run run run along the path, all the way down to the dog park 🐶.
Turn around and do it all again 😱
It's a 2 lap course.

The second lap was fine, until we got back to the wooden bridge the of mystery.
All the participants had been through at least once, and now everyone in front of me has churned it up even more.
Think Meadowbrook Tough Mudder.

Apparently I'm not Jesus.
I cannot walk in water.
So instead I magically transformed into a 4x4 (think reverse of the actual Transformers).
My shoes 👟
My socks 🤦‍♀️
The mud I kicked up the back of my arse 🍑
Off we trotted again.

I started the run with Kaylie & Megan, and I finished the run with Kaylie & Megan.
We set ourselves a good pace and trotted along, we actually laughed & talked the whole run.

I trotted over the line in 38:42 - it's not about the PB's, it's about helping your mates along 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

I cheered my new mate Adam across the line - what a finish! 🏃

I asked Michaela to do the tick ✔️
Now, I used to see Michaela's name in running forums & Facebook groups, to me she is the epitome of running.
She is supportive, funny, an encourager, she is just a fantastic person.
She is also about to do the Gold Coast Marathon in 2 weeks 🏃🏽‍♀️
She thoroughly enjoyed doing the tick, well at least I think she did!

Who did I catch up with today???
Saskia from @orangeisthenewpb
Emeline and her daughter Miss E, Kaylie & Megan (these girls took me into their group at Great South Run like a stray kitten), David from Logan River Runners, Motivational Dan, Sandra, Paula, Sheila.

I had a fantastic run.
I didn't push myself too hard.
I just enjoyed my run.
I had a great chat with the girls.

Would I do Meadowbrook again?
You bet ya!

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