My name is Shanon & I am a car eater

My name is Shanon & I am a car eater 🚗

What is a car eater?
Someone who buys shit at the shops and scoffs in the car before they get home.

It's usually because you're greedy and don't want to share with anyone else. (Well that's me anyway)

Now I'm 99% sure most of the people reading this post have participated in car eating before.

I've never been ashamed of it, just disappointed when I get home and I should bought more cause I'm still hungry or I have self inflicted heartburn from eating too quickly.

Today I opened my car glovebox and found these wrappers of chocolates past.
These poor little buggers went from the shelf at Coles into a plastic bag, into my car and into my belly.
They didn't get to experience freedom.

Coles always manage to snag me with the 2 chocolates for $2.
I mean, what a bloody bargain!

My favourite chocolates are as follows:
🍫 Twix
🍫 Bounty
🍫 Summer Roll
🍫 Honey Log
🍫 Cherry ripe
🍫 Boost
🍫 Snickers
🍫 Aero bars
🍫Fruit & nut - its healthy
🍫 Picnic
🍫 Kit Kat chunky
🍫 Kit Kat
🍫 Mars Bar
🍫 M&M peanut
🍫 M&M chocolate
🍫 M&M crispy
🍫 Polly Waffle (RIP)
🍫 Milky Way (a little of the small side for me)
🍫 Chomp (a little on the light side for me)
🍫 Curly Wurly (a little on the thin side
for me, the chocolate melts too quickly & I have to lick the wrapper)
🍫 A family block of dairy milk
🍫 And last but not least white cooking chocolate

I haven't eaten any chocolate so far this year, I know we are only 20 days in but that's a pretty big achievement for me.
Now I'm not denying myself of it, I mean if I really wanted one I would have one. But I don't want one.
At work we have a thing called #bribes ~ there is a bucket full of chocolates for us get into, I walk past it a million times a day and I haven't been tempted.

It's my birthday next week, I may splurge out at get myself a Twix but then again I may not.
I will tell you 1 thing, my go-to chocolate is one where you get 2 chocolates in the packet.
Twix is my favourite, it feels like you are getting twice the amount of chocolate 🍫🍫

RIP Cherry Ripe 🍒🍫 & Summer Roll 🏝🍫, you will not be forgotten 🙏

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