Old habits die hard

Old habits die hard

So I went shopping at my local Coles recently, they have a Mix Apparelclothing section.
My Mum uniform is a pair of jeans and a striped top.
Go to your local shopping centre - you will see hundreds of us.
If you go to the park we will be in the same jeans/striped top combos but add in a puffer vest.

Now there is nothing wrong with my Mum uniform.
I love my uniform.
I'm always in the hunt for a new striped top.

So I'm strolling along & find THE new top 👚
I pick it up, chuck it on top of my frozen beer batter chips & yoghurt pouches in the trolley & head for the registers.

Get home.
Chuck the shopping bag on the spare bed as I enter the house from the garage & forget about it for 2 weeks.

I finally remember I bought the top, ohh I had better try it on!

What size did I buy?

It is miles too big.
No, I am not bragging.
I'm just saying I still see myself as a XXL

My whole adult life I have been reaching for the back of the rack.
You know what I mean - all the sizes in order - mine is usually at the back.
The size tab thingies 
16 is purple
18 is yellow
20 is dark green

I'm on auto pilot.
Always reaching for the back.

So many people comment about how I should change my pages name.
The truth is, I think I will always see myself as Plus Size.
Is that a bad thing? I don't know....

2017 is about challenging myself, but now it's also about learning to love myself.

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