Petrie parkrun

Today I got up at 4:fucking30am.
I was not in a good mood.

Last night I had to organise EVERYTHING so I could get up, get showered, get dressed & get going.
Well, that didn't end well, as usual it ended up in swearing cause I couldn't find my i-thingie.
Couldn't find my Garmin Australia watch this morning, I need a big white one which easily stands out. Oh well, I always forget to press start anyway.

I chose Petrie to be on my list thanks to Belinda from this page who was also one of today's RDs. Plus I can't be a Southside snob for all of my tour.

I know zero about Petrie.
I used to catch the train to high school in Brisbane CBD, I used to catch the Petrie train.
"This is the Petrie line, stopping all stations to Petrie" 🚂
Apparently the train goes further than that now.

Petrie is 70.1k from my house 😮

I hit the road early and did not enjoy my pouch of yuckness.
I bought one of those pouches of yoghurt to eat on the drive.
Fuck me dead, it was like eating cottage cheese with a bit of sand thrown in for texture.

I arrived at parkrun super early. 
Like an hour early. 
No I didn't get out of the car & go for a walk.
I hid in my car & had a little snooze. 😴

The course was nice & shady, there was a bit of water lying around thanks to the rain ☔️ I'm not complaining about the rain - we really needed it!
It's about & back course with hills. Don't ask me how many, I lost count.

I hit the first hill, I was excited at first, then I got half way up it & was utterly exhausted. I know I only muttered "fuck" once because I could hardly breathe.
Now to those people who refer to hills as "mounds of opportunity" are a special breed of people. I hate hills, and there where a couple of them.
The course makes it was through Sweeney Reserve - if you get a chance to visit Petrie please do, it really is a lovely course with a lovely bunch of people.

I dithered over the line in 39.27.

I had the pleasure in meeting Alina & Belinda the RDs who made me feel very welcome!
Alyssa with her daughter Jasmine (I asked Jasmine to tick Petrie off my shirt from Explosive Sportswear all because of her amazing run 🎖), Diane who was celebrating her 100th parkrun, and Melissa with her gorgeous baby Mackenzie & Margaret the 40 minute pacer who I just wanted to keep in front of!

I met so many lovely people today, I wish I could remember/list everyone's names, thank you so much for making me feel welcome.

Can I also give a shout out to the North Lakes parkrunners who came over to Petrie to say hello - thank you!

I can't get to every parkrun, so this gives people a chance to parkrun tourist like me!

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