Pink Triathlon 6K Fun Run

Pink Triathlon 6K Fun Run

What's this crap getting out of bed 2 mornings in a row at ungodly hour all in the name of exercise?!?!

Ben played golfย ๐ŸŒย and was out of the house by 5am, I left Will with my parents, picked up my mate Kia & we hit the road to Chandler.

I'm always utterly disorganised, we registered when we arrived.
We scored a cool hat, a bib, some safety pins & what looked like an prisoner ankle tracking device.

I found myself a prime position for sitting, watching with utter awe for all the ladies getting ready for the actual Triathlons.
We cheered on the kiddies who where running, they were so goddam cute!
I had the pleasure in meeting Sally (I invited myself over to hers for a coffee after theย The Chempro NGC Dash), Steph fromย The Adventures of Super Steph.

I sawย Running Guyย I was utterly star struck when I saw him.
He is a REAL runner.
I didn't have the guts to say hello.

I also got a few "hey that's that parkrun girl"ย ๐Ÿ’

I walked the 6k, it was HARD!
It was quite a boring 1k loop which had a bitch of a hill & then you enter the velodrome, temperature equal to hellย ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
Yay I got to do it 6 times!

I appreciate all of the volunteers, but if I ever do one of those again and when I'm 500m into 6k and you do a slow insincere clap & tell me I'm almost there.
I will punch you in the face.

This picture is of the best-worst volunteer ever, he ignored us all & kept chatting on his phone. I loved him!

I have no idea what time I did it in, I really don't care. It wasn't fun doing it, but I'm happy to say I'm done!

I walked it, with my sling, and it's over!

I want to do a triathlon, seriously.
I never thought I would say something like that but after seeing women of all different shapes & sizes getting out there & having funย 
I want a piece of this action!

Now I just gotta get me a bikeย 

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