QUT Classic

QUT Classic

My morning started nice & early thanks to my arsehole neighbours who performed various Haka's throughout the evening & into the early morning 😴

Saskia from Orange is the new PB
Joined me at my place and we drove in together. Will & Ben stayed at home.
I caught up with Steph The Adventures of Super Steph - I think out next run together will be Griffith Sport Logan Fun Run!

I had the pleasure in meeting so many amazing women this morning.
I am so sorry, I cannot remember everyone's names 😔
I also got quite a few "I love your page" shout outs 😎
I really enjoy seeing & meeting people at these events, we all have a mutual goal, I love that we all support one another.

I participated in the 10k run, where I was greeted by a hill. At the beginning.
A bloody steep hill 😤

The run snaked its way around the QUT Gardens Point campus, up near Parliament House, down Alice street in the CBD.
I like many others assumed Alice street was closed to traffic due to the run.
But as cars hurtled towards us and we were running down the road, um no.

Along the river through the Botanical Gardens, over the Goodwill Bridge, along the rivers edge at South Bank.
Yep, the stairs again at the Go Between bridge. I hate stairs!
Back down to the riverwalk back up to the university.
We were serenaded by musicians from the University throughout the route.

I was passed by a man walking.
My justification for that is he was power-walking.
I just kept plodding along, one foot in front of the other, I shuffled the whole way (other than the stairs).

I thought I was nearly finished.
I could see the finish line 🤗🤗🤗
But NO there was another 2k to go - a lap back through the Botanical Gardens.
There was a V-E-R-Y steep hill at the approach to the finish line.
I swear I was running my heart out, but in actual fact I was running on the spot 😖

Where there is a uphill there is always a downhill 🙌
Off to the finish line I sprinted.

I don't know what time I did it in, I buggered up my watch 5 minutes into the run - will wait for the official time.

I met some of the loveliest ladies today, many for the first time, many who have been following my journey for a while.
Thank you to Stel, Olive & Judy for cheering me on 👏

After the run a few of us got together for a bite to eat. I can honestly say that I've never really had friends who have a mutual interest as mine. I can now say that I have those friends.
It was lovely to sit back & have a chat & a laugh. #poisepower

Thank god that is over.
Today I struggled.
Every step hurt.
It was bloody worth it.


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