Her hand shook as she handed Roberto her 5 class Zumba pass.
She felt a shiver as he punched the final hole in her card.
"You'll need a new pass next week" Roberto said to her in his non-Spanish accent.

It was time for class, the crowd made their way to the dance floor. She jostled to the front. #winning
She positioned herself in front of him.
She only had eyes for him.

The warm-up began, she started to feel the motion in the ocean.
The bass from the speaker vibrated through her body.
1 step this way, 2 steps that way, arms up, arms down, shimmy shimmy.

She stumbled counting the steps.
Someone had blocked her view, "What the actual fuck?" she thought to herself.
"You're not mowing my grass" she raged in her head.
Who had blocked her view??
Roberto's wife, she too was a Zumba instructor.

Finally! A drink break.
She seductively wrapped her lips around her drink bottle & guzzled.
Water cascading from her mouth, down her chin & splashing onto her top.
Fuck! She should have worn a white top!

Back to the dance floor.
As the green spotlight hit Roberto's red hair & fogged up glasses her heart rate fastened.
She fumbled as the steps got quicker & quicker.
The sweat dropped down her face, again, clinging to her faint mo'.

Her Poise slightly moistened as she did a jump squat.

The next routine involved "whoop wooing".
She isn't a "whoop wooer"
She usually just mouths it ๐Ÿ‘„
Roberto's wife, the other Zumba instructor "whooped" with great enthusiasm.

Roberto made his move, coming closer her fellow classmates wanting to hear their cheering effort.
Roberto approached her,
She did her one real "whoop woo" for the class. It met his approval.
The hypnotic thrust of their hips, the sway of their chests, the stamping of their feet.
Oh my!

The end of the night had come, time to cool down & have a stretch.

Until next week Roberto, Adiรณs ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Who's joining me next week?
Zumba Fitness with Hayley & Robert at Shailer Park

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