Run The Rock

Sole Motive Run The Rock 2017

Today I Ran the Rock, 12 whole kilometres well I really shuffled, jogged & power walked.

My flight down was great, I got to catch up with some episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians.
The bloke next to pretended to be all high-brow and watch a documentary about sea life 🐠🐳🐬
Yeah mate, I caught you watching my screen 📺.

My SIL Tracey picked me up with my niece & nephew and we headed out for dinner.
I carb-loaded.
I mean I had to run 12k in the morning.

When I went to hit the hay I received a message from Cassie P. who wanted to let me know she had seen my doppelgänger in Sunbury VIC then she realised it was me #interstatecelebrity

I set my alarm for 5am & hit snooze for an hour.
It was 9 fucking degrees.
I don't do cold.

We made our way to Woodend ~ Hanging Rock where I had the pleasure in meeting my SIL's running buddies - Renee, Kylie & her husband Glenn.
It was cold, I mean fucking cold.
We scrambled to find the sun ☀️ 
I ended up double singleting, on top of the double bra.

I was spotted by Denise who was running the 12k as well - Hi Denise 👋
We made our way to the start line - fitties as far as the eye could see.

The first 1k of the run was absolute hell, the cold wind froze my lungs.
Everything hurt.
I wanted to quit.

It didn't get any better.

The run wound it was around dirt roads, rocky ravens, bloody steep hills.
Gravel, leaves, kangaroo shit everywhere.

Around the 6k mark I was smacked the the face by the smell of death, something dead was rotting away nearby.
Maybe it was a runner from last year?!?!

I kept on plodding along.
12k of utter hell.

The water stops were few & far between much to my disgust.

At one point everything was hurting so much if I had some bolt cutters I would have cut through a farmers fence and got the fuck out of there.

I physically turned a corner (not mentally) on the track & looked out to my left, it was beautiful. The view was utterly spectacular 🌄 I think I even jogged along smiling to myself like a nutter.

The distances were marked out with big flags, I finally hit the 11k mark!
I was on the downhill, then I saw the finish line, it was like a mirage 🏝
No matter how hard or fast I ran I got no where. I'm still going with the fact they kept moving the finish line on me.

As I approached the finish line I saw Kylie & Renee cheering me on, those girls are fast!

Now one disappointing thing for me about the run, there was reward at the end of the run.
No T-shirt
No bling
Not even a crappy water bottle with a Run The Rock logo.
The kids run had a medal 🥇 I cannot tell you how much I wanted to tackle one of those kids to steal their medal.
My entry to the run was $55, then I bought myself the tightest singlet possible for $35. It was literally the last singlet that they had left.

Thanks to my Mother-in-law for hooking up with my flight, thanks to my family in Melbourne for putting up with me for a nice, no thanks to Mother Nature for being a bitch ❄️

Fast forward 5 hours ~ I'm aching all over, I have so many blisters on my feet they look like they are wrapped in bubble wrap & I'm walking like I've just given birth.
fisiocrem Australia I need a barrel of your magic ointment ASAP

Would I do it again?
In a heartbeat ❤️

Hot tip - make sure you are slower than your running buddies, it means you have people to take photos of you & cheer when you cross the finishing line 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️📸

Explosive Sportswear
Garmin Australia
Time: TBA -still waiting for the email.

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