Sandgate parkrun

4:44am - 2nd alarm 🚨 kicked out bed
I had to take my time as I peeled my neck off my pillow 😷
Mid wee selfie 🀳
Shower 🚿
Dressed πŸ‘„
Out the door πŸšͺ
In the car πŸš—
Reversed downn the driveway
Idle out the of the house trying to workout how to use Apple CarPlay in our new car 😫

Drive to my mates place, Hey Kell πŸ‘‹
Again, try to workout how to use fucking CarPlay 😫
Enter the address for Sandgate.
34 minutes away.
What. The. Fuck.
34 minutes - it was 5:13am.
Is Sandgate not where I think it is?

On the toll road we went πŸ›£
We picked up out new car this week - still waiting for the new go-via clip.
Kell had 1 job. Hold up the toll tag.
Kell failed 😜

We had a great old chat as I drive along, over the Gateway bridge, drive drive drive - take the Sandgate exit.
I swear I have never seen that sign before.
Turns out I don't know where Sandgate is.

We arrived at 5:57am 😏
After lapping the esplanade a few times like a couple of Hoons, but in a family wagon, think 18 year old who has been allowed to borrow their Mum'a Camry.
This may be a true story.....
We parked up the car and watch the sun rise β˜€οΈ #romantic

Eventually we emerged from the warmth of the car, and made our way over to the waters edge to take a photo, and that's when I saw those amazing legs - of course they could only belong to Amanda from Chermside parkrun 😍
Soon we were joined by my new parkrun friends Angie, Raine, Tracy & Sasha (Sasha isn't a fan of mine, mainly because she gets roped in to taking photos of me πŸ˜‚)

Run brief done - holy hell there was a huge amount of people!
I got roped into a few photos with the G-Power girls - thanks for making me feel so welcome ☺️

Over to the start line - right to the back of the pack.
It was pacer week.
I saw Erica the 35 minute pacer, I knew I wanted to stay in front of her.

Go 🚦
And we are off and running!
Run run run along the most beautifully flat path, along the water front.
I heard so many "Go Shanon's" as I shuffled along.

Run run run.
The pack is starting to split up.
Fasties are gooone.
I'm just shuffling.

Run run run 32:30 pacer is 30m front of me.
This is where us all went to shit πŸ’©
Physically shit πŸ’©
The girl/lady/woman running in front of my stood in dog shit πŸ’©
I giggled like a moron.
The shadow of her non shit shoe hid the even bigger dog shit nugget, that I stood on πŸ’©πŸ‘Ÿβ˜ΉοΈ
That was Gods work.
I was being a mole, well really I'm moleless now but you know what I mean.

Run, sticky feel on the shoe, run.
Mr pacer is goooone.
Run along the esplanade, down to the pier πŸ›₯, out along the pier turn around and come back.
The view was spectacular.

Run run run back - Mr pacer is so far away from me now, I can only see a little yellow dot on the horizon.

My mate Linda who I met last week at Bunyaville parkrun parkrun AGAIN came back and encouraged me over the line.

I stumbled over the line in 33.31 - which is the offical parkrun time, my watch said 33.20 - that's when I actually started running.
I'm being petty, I know!

It's not all about the time.
I did the same 5k loop that the sub 20 minute runners did, I did the same 5k loop that the tail walker did.
5k is 5k.

Holy Hell I caught a up with some people today!
Firstly my mate Kell, her Mum Raine & sister in law Angie (my personal lotion specialist).
The lovely Judy from 60 and Still Kickin' I haven't seen her since QUT Classic
I've actually met Judy's Daughter Alyssa her granddaughter. 3 generations of strong running women πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

I also met Sarah & Tamara, Margaret
Lisa, Amanda, Ash, Sharon, Vanessa,
Malia - my Siamese tight twin, Donna, Jodie
Mione & her son Mr L all the way from Bundaberg parkrun - I promise to make it up there in 2018!
Leisa the body builder - I made her pose for me 😍 I've managed to find her Instagram page leisy_lou fit - fuck me that girl is a MILF 😍

I also met a very special lady by the name of Cath.
Cath, it was so lovely to meet you this morning & having our chat, you are amazing for getting out there and giving it a go 😘
Please send me a message - I'm struggling to find your Facebook page - I would love to stay in touch with you.

After parkrun Angie, Kell & I headed over to &baaci for pancakes πŸ₯ž bacon πŸ₯“ ice cream 🍦- its become a parkrun staple.

This parkrun is bloody beautiful, it looks very similar to Wynnum parkrun
Sandgate really isn't that far away.
I now know where is it.

Would I run there again?
I would do it again & again & again
BUT next time would bring friends who remember their credit cards & a better e-toll tag holderer

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