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ScooterBike Adventures

Yesterday I was invited down to Manly to have a go on a ScooterBike.

No I’m sure you are all thinking “what the hell is a ScooterBike?”
I can tell you it’s a hell of a bunch of fun!
It’s kind of a bike setup with a foot plate like a scooter.
Handles, brakes, and a bell 🛎 just like a bike.
Foot plate like a 10 year old kids scooter.

I met up with Danny, the owner, Steph from
The Adventures of Super Steph & the Super Kid & Sonja from Running with a crappy thyroid & Bodhi Balm Natural Deodorant and some local ladies to give it a whirl.

I will admit I was a bit worried 😟 
I thought I might be too “big”.
I was so wrong.
The brand we rode were a brand of ScooterBike called Kickbike.
These Kickbikes are solid little things, surprisingly they weigh around 10kg each.
Honestly they don’t feel as though they weigh that much, they are designed for maximum comfort and glide.

So on my helmet went 🤠
Danny gave us a run through on the dos and don’ts.
Honestly there aren’t too many don’ts.
But do have fun 😆

Time to give it a go.
Kick, glide, wobble.
Kick, glide, wobble.
Kick, glide.
I’m gliding!
I’m doing this!

It’s actually really easy to get the hang of.
After a bit more getting used to it, I was changing my feet on the foot plate.
I was having a ball.

Then we were off.
Along the Esplanade.
Kick 4 times.
Ring the bell to warn people you are coming 🛎 
Kick 4, glide, wobble whilst changing feet, glide.

Just have fun!

We rode along the esplanade, past the boats, all the way up to the yacht club ⛵️

Steph, Sonja, Danny & I hung out in a car park for a bit, to get our technique sorted, whilst the other ladies, the “professionals” kicked off ahead.

Kickbiking surprisingly uses the same technique as running, but is sooo much easier on your knees.

You are probably thinking, it was a doddle in the park.
I was drenched in sweat.
My heart rate was at my parkrun rate.
But I was still smiling.
Hand on heart, my thumping heart, it felt nothing like exercise.

We went up a “hill” 
In reality is was a teeny tiny rise, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick and I was at the top.
If I were running it at parkrun I would be swearing & carrying on.
By lucky for me I had a Kickbike to carry me up.

Now I was concerned I would get 1 muscly leg & 1 scrawny leg from all that kicking, but you keep swapping legs.
So no Guinness World Records entry for me yet.

The other ladies came back & joinedus and we beaded back to the pier.
People looking and pointing to us as we glided in by.

After for me riding we headed to the Boat Club for a refreshing drink & a chat.🥤

For those of you who may think this is was a bit of a laugh, it was, the exercise component felt like nothing.
You know me.
I’m brutally honest.

FYI Danny got up to 21 k/h in the car park 😱
These things go fast!
Ohhh and guess who use ScooterBikes as some of their training tools?
Umm the Brisbane Lions 🦁 
Along with 7 other AFL clubs, and 3 Rugby Union clubs.
If it’s good enough for then, it’s good enough for me!

If you want to have some fun and get a bit if exercise in, get in touch with Danny.
I promise you, you will have fun & get a bit of exercise in and not even realise it.
He even has kids Kickbikes - fun for the whole family!

Danny, thanks so much for having me.
I can’t wait to come back & give it a go.
If you want to give it a go, let Danny know I sent you - he will hook you up.

If anyone is interested - I can create an event and we can get together and have a bit if fun all together 😇


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