South Bank

South Bank parkrun

My morning started at 4:28am, I had set my alarm early to get everyone ready.
There was a noise at the bedroom door, someone fumbling with the door handle....
Was it a sex attacker?
No it was Ben, he had either fallen asleep or passed out watching the rugby.
I'm going with the latter 🍺

Ben volunteered to stay at home with Will.
We have another run run in the city tomorrow, not really fair to drag him out of bed super early 2 mornings in a row.

I enjoyed the early morning drive into the city.

I sat down by the waterfront watching all the beautiful people as they ran along. Seriously, inner city runners are stunners.
I plod, they prance.
Cue Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People 🎶

The run location is STUNNING, the loop starts off in South Bank (in the city on the river) loops over the Goodwill Bridge, the start of the run was more of a walk for me, so many people jostling to get ahead, they even have volunteers who's job it is to stand in front of the bollards & yell out "bollard" so you don't run into them 😎

The first incline on the bridge is bearable, then you head along a pathway on the river dodging cyclists & rollerbladers.
I didn't know rollerblading was still a thing!
Then you head up the the Go Between bridge.
This is where is turns to shit.

Yes, stairs.

You have to give way to the cyclists to cross over to the start of the stairs, I'm blaming this for my slower time.
The poor buggers pushing prams/wheelchairs have to run further up to the ramp.

Up the stairs over the bridge.
This incline sucked balls.
Big, sweaty, hairy balls.

The bridge downhill was okay.
Then stairs. Again 😩
After almost falling down the stairs you head up the side of the State Library 📚, again here is where you have to give way to bikes.
Now, I'm like a fully loaded semi trailer, it take a bit of effort to get me going again.

The run continues along a lovely wooden river walk, past GOMA, past the Lyric Theatre, back along the river walk to the finish line.
There was a great bunch of runners who had finished their run who had hung around at the finish line to cheer others on.
I joined them, awkwardly realising I was cheering non parkrunners on.
Just regular people running 🏃🏃🏽‍♀️

This parkrun is lucky enough to have Angela from Body Leadership Australia, she runs the morning warmup & cool down exercises.
I'll be heading to Cooparoo to see them soon for a sports massage - their going to need a lotta massage oil 😜.

I trudged over the line in 36.14 which I am happy with considering the inclines, crowd, stops & stairs 🙂

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting
Robyn, Stacey,Angela, Tim and the cheerers Hilton & Helen 👏

I ran into my mate Talisha from Zumba, my mate Hollie & her son Mr N. 
I also saw Bec ( who I met at Cleveland & we instantly hit it off) with her daughter Miss A & her friend Amanda.

Amanda, Bec, Miss A, Talisha & I headed for breakfast. We should have known it wasn't going to be great after waiting 20 minutes for someone to take our order, then we got to watch ibises jump up on the table & eat the left over food.

I was so hungry Miss A's rusk looked pretty tasty.
By the way those filthy birds struggled with the bacon I knew it wasn't going to be great for us.
At first I thought the staff were incredibly lazy not clearing the food, but I think if the birds eat the left over food it's less work for the staff in clearing the table.
Working smarter not harder!

So you remember how I got stood up by Jennifer from the ABS??
Well I got stood up again today.
This time by Jonno (friend of Amanda, Bec & Talisha - small world hey?).
He promised he would be meeting me today, he came up with literally the shittest excuse ever for not coming 💩💩💩
Don't worry, I've called him & given him a dressing down - he loved it!
He had better Poise-up & parkrun with me soon.

After breakfast Talisha & I headed back over the over to pick up my race pack for tomorrow.
This is where I was spotted by Maria - what a hoot!
I hope to see you tomorrow Maria!

My parkrun adventure came to an end madly running down the ramp into the car park which is clearly signed No Pedestrians. We had to pay for parking before 10am, they have a great deal for parkrunners, if you scan your parkrun barcode when paying before 10am parking is only $2.
We made it by 1 minute.

South Bank is a MUST for everyone!

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