Stones Corner

Stones Corner

After learning last week that one of my first jobs was at Bunnings being the door Bitch. This week you will learn my first office job was working for AGC now GE as a debt collector.
The office I worked at is located in Stones Corner.
Out 1 window I could see the trucks hit the rail bridge - it happen at least once a week.
Out the other window I could see a park. The minute it started to rain there would be a mad dash of people rushing to move their cars. The park floods.
This is the very same park where Parkrun is held.
I'm not going to lie, I wanted that park to flood this morning.

This is the first Parkrun I have attended on my Tour de Parkrun where people have actually wanted to meet me. I'm still utterly amazed that you guys want to read my ramblings!

I had the pleasure in meeting RD Catherine, Jan, Anthea, Marie, Natalie, Britt & my little birthday buddy the gorgeous Miss Tilly who turned 2 yesterday!
I met so many people, I am seriously sorry but I have forgotten names - what a very overwhelming morning 😳

Catherine must of know how shy I am in person as she made an announcement to the rather large crowd I was there and made me come up the front and give everyone a wave 👋
I received many well wishes & cheers as I shuffled along.

The course is lovely & flat, only a few slight inclines and one bitch of a steep but short bridge to cross.
The run winds through the park through Stones Corner up to the back of Greenslopes Private Hospital, under the freeway and along a lovely shaded path.

I had Will at Greenslopes Private, I can still hear me screaming for an epidural when I was 1mm dialated.

Halfway through the run my body was screaming for another epidural.
I was at my glass half full stage and kept in going.
FYI when I was in labour there was no such phase, I just wanted to smash that god damned glass.

There is nothing more soothing that cars racing past you on the freeway doing 100k when I'm struggling to do 7k per hour.

I scrambled across the line in 36.45 - another PB!

After the run I took my husband Ben & Will to Charlie's Raw Squeeze for breakfast, I have a hipster baby who can devour an acai bowl on his own.

The reason I chose Stones Corner for the beginning of my tour was thanks to meeting Cassandra Z from Stones Corner Parkrun at Sirromet's 1st birthday Parkrun.
She managed to recognise me in a crowd of over 600 runners and told me how much she enjoyed my page.
Unfortunately Cassandra couldn't make it to Parkrun this weekend - I will definitely make an effort to catch up with her again.

I will definitely be heading back to Stones Corner this year if they can guarantee an anesthetist at the starting line 💉 the halfway point 💉& the finishing line 💉


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