Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain parkrun

The hills ain't alive with the sound of music 🎶 

What a fucker of a course.
Seriously, there is no other way to describe it.
This is going to be a long post.
Poise up & get ready.

My alarm went off at 5:00am, pre-parkrun-wee-selfie completed nice & early.
Had my shower & beautified myself.
Ben & Will stayed at home.
Will has his 18month needles yesterday, we go to the most amazing doctors.
Did you hear the screaming?!?!
Yes?? Well don't worry - that was just him being weighed & measured!
He got so worked up yesterday (I'm thinking hospital flashbacks from a few weeks ago) I left him to have a sleep in.

I picked my mate Kaye up & we headed up the mountain.
I'm an idiot.
When I went through the parkrun locations I chose quite a few near to where I live. Tamborine Mountain is near my place, we refer to it as Tamborine.
I forgot about the mountain part 😫

Apparently this parkrun is a trail run.
Of course I showed up completely unprepared.
Trail shoes 
Warm clothes 
An ounce of sense 

We arrived early, really early, I think we were the first people there.
It was cold, very cold!
My friends Rebecca & Faith from Logan River joined us, it was great to see them as I've been on tour for so long!

We huddled together for warmth. It was quite romantic 👄

The run brief was so technical.
I was half expected to be given a laminated map of the course with a compass 🤔
Lucky for me I was brightly dressed, I did that so the SES would be able to find me when I got lost.

Now this parkrun is a bit of a boutique one, there was a total of 36 runners.
They do a fitness challenge before the run starts. 
Today it was a side plank.
Thanks, but no thanks.

We gathered at the start line & off we went. Over gravel to the first hill 
Along an embankment down a steep red dirt hill and into the bush.
I followed the 8 year old little girl with her Mum, they were so far in front of me I could just make them out.
There was a small stream crossing, that's the only point I stopped running.
I didn't want to go arse over tit into the mud.

This course teases you, you run through the countryside, run almost to the finish line - but no, there is a turn around point📍
You have to try & remember your way back. I have the memory of a goldfish.

Trail runs are HARD
I did not have appropriate footwear, I had my old runners, they pretty much have zero tread left, like an old Commodore.

I slipped and slid all over the course, there was a thick layer of dew 💧
I wished my whole way around I didn't compound fracture something.
There were roots, leaves, sticks, red dirt everywhere.
I swore to myself ever step of the way.
I absolutely hated every minute of it.

As I headed to the finish line Nicole (one of the runners who had finished) ran back to me and motivated me along.
You have no idea how close I was to balling my eyes out that she did this 💓

I trudged over the line in 40.17 & get this....
I was first in my age category 🏆
No one needs to know I was the only person in my age category.

What a lovely bunch of people the Tamborine crew are!
Absolutely lovely. 
We had a laugh, cake & a present!
All of the mothers who parkran today got a lucky dip present at the finishing line.
I was hoping for a packet of Poise.
I received a lovely mug with a few chocolates - such a thoughtful gesture.
Thank you!

I got to catch with with Melissa & Nicole who I had the pleasure in meeting at Yarrabilba parkrun.
Tamborine is Nicole's local parkrun, she was given the task of ticking off the shirt - thanks Nicole 😁

If you are up for a challenge - give this one a go, a beautiful location, a lovely bunch of people running it, and great food just up around the corner.

If I ever attempt this parkrun again I need a mule, 4 Sherpas, 31 flares, a Range Rover,
a box of Chicken Crimpy & to grow set of balls 🏐🏐

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