The Chempro NGC Dash

The Chempro NGC Dash

My morning started early, I set 3 alarms 🚨 
Ben got up when the first went off, I continued to hit snooze.
Good old Dad got Will fed, watered & ready for me.
Shower & a nervous poo 💩 later I was ready to leave.

The NGC Dash was held at Damien Leeding Memorial Park. 
The park is named after a Queensland Police Officer who lost his life in the line of duty. The Fun Run also raises money for Police Legacy.

I arrived nice & early, scored a pretty god carpark. This is where I met Pia who I've been chatting to via this page for ages.
Hey Pia 👋

Now to load up the rig aka BOB my Ironman running pram kindly gifted to me by Britax
Jumpers, blankets, water bottles, 54 different snacks to keep Will entertained and a Teenage Age Mutant Ninja Turtle toy later I was ready to put the kid in.

I started to make my way to the start line for the 10k.
The starting points for the 10k & the 21k where on opposite sides of the park.
Did I mention there is a massive lake in the middle?
No shortcut to the start line 😫
The walk from my car to the start line was seriously at least 1.5k if not more.

A bunch of nervous looking people pooled around together waiting for the start.
The run started.
It pretty much started without anyone realising it had started.
I wasn't ready for this!
My iPod 📱 wasn't ready.
I was cold ❄️
And I hadn't sworn at myself for entering.

The fasties took off and I stayed at the back of the pack.
Ben was playing golf 🏌 this morning, I had the opportunity to run 10k with Will on a cold Sunday morning, yay 😒

Off we went. 
With the pram I'm kind of like a fully loaded Mack truck trying to work my way up the gears. It took me a bit but I got going.

Now when you stand and look at the park you think 💭 "wow, what a lovely oval shaped lake, this will be easy to run around". 
😫 wrong!
It ain't oval, it has funny u shaped inlet things around it, you seem to be running forever you can see where you want to be in the distance and yep, another one of those bloody u shaped thing.

This is a very popular park so I did spend a bit of time ducking & weaving in between other park users.

The 10k course was a 2 & a 1/2 loop of the park. 
There were 2 drink stations along the way, only 1 was manned.
And can I say, it was the best manned drinks station I have ever come across.
Not only because Michaela & Susan ( fellow RMA runners) were on it, but they also had lollies 🍭 
I actually don't drink while I run, but I can assure you their enthusiasm was greatly appreciated.

I had almost finished my 1st loop and this happened.
A hill.
A fucking hill.
It was only a short hill, but a bloody steep one at that!
I grunted and groaned as I pushed BOB, Will & half of the snack aisle from Woolies up that hill.
Yay! I get to do it again on my 2nd loop.

Run run run past the finish line for my final lap. Ohh what's that zooming up beside me?
Ohh Scott, the other pram runner in the 10k, he sped off to the finish line.

Past the drinks station "I hate this, I hate this, I hate this" I chant to myself.
Not in my head.
Out loud.

Ohh now who passes me?
The half marathoners.
Shuffle, shuffle, holding back the tears 😢
I'm exhausted. 
I'm being lapped.
I feel like an idiot.
"Good work Shanon, you're doing so well" I hear from behind me.
It's David, he is a fellow Logan River runner, he was doing the half marathon.
I cannot explain to you how much that motivated me to keep on going.

Run run run, I pass a couple, maybe a husband & wife?
He tells his wife "you can't let that old woman 👵 with that pram beat you".
Now I still can't work out if they were actually participating in the run or were just annoying path-hoggers using the park, but, hey mate, guess who beat you AND your wife?

The finish line was in sight.
Run run run & I'm done.
According to my Garmin Australia we rolled over the line in 1hr 10mins exactly.

I had the pleasure in meeting Sheila & Kristie, I also caught up with Carmel, Raine & Kell - Hey Ladies 👋👋👋👋👋

I hung around at watch my mate Nic who I met at Yarrabilba parkrun & visited her at Tamborine parkrun finish her first half marathon.
She ran her first half marathon today.
Nic, you are a bloody champion 🏃🏽‍♀️

Now apparently the 10k course was 500m short, but I'm claiming it.
I ran while pushing a 12kg toddler in a 10.5kg pram, I'm a machine!

I shuffled along the whole run & I'm bloody proud of that 🏅

Will I be back next year?
You bet ya!

RunFaster Explosive Sportswear fisiocrem Australia Police Health

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