The first post

Hello & Welcome to my page!

I initially hoped to connect with another runner or 2 who might be willing to help encourage me to keep on going - I am totally overwhelmed with so many messages of support!

Who am I?
My name is Shanon, I'm 32 and live in Holmview QLD with my husband and 13 month old son.
I enjoy running (I should really say shuffling) I am very self concious about my weight.

Why am I doing this?
Last week I had 2 moments where it finally hit me that things have got to change...

1. My new work uniforms arrived, I had ordered them MONTHS ago with visions of me loosing weight, well that didn't happen, I basically look like the Hulk with a camel toe 🐪

2. The dreaded free dress day.
This involved me trying on 9 tops, none of which fit, then 3 pairs of pants - I can still hear the seams screaming from the strain - I shit you not.

This little blog will give me an outlet, to help me connect with others and not be embarrassed.
I know I need to be accountable for my actions but I hope with your encouragement I can make 2017 my year!

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