Underwood Park parkrun

After 1 alarm 🚨 I woke 😳
What is the time?!?!
It's so dark!!!
It was 4:29am - I have no idea why I set my alarm for that time.
Underwood is 15k from my place.
So I hit stop 🀚
Set another alarm and went back to sleep.

2 more alarms & an hour later I emerged.

Mid-wee selfie 🀳
Shower 🚿
Dressed πŸ‘™
Give Will a kiss πŸ’‹
Out the door πŸšͺ
In the car πŸš—
On the road for the short trip to Underwood πŸ›£

I arrived in record time.
Parked the car πŸš—
Grabbed the BOB from the boot, I was lending him to Bec for a try. It really is an amazing running pram, I am so lucky to have been gifted one from Britax πŸ€
I'm sharing the BOB love ❀️

A bit of mingling & chatting.
Race brief done - thank you so much for my warm welcome ☺️

Walk up to the start line.
Yeah, up.
A smallish rise 😫
Go 🚦

And I'm off and plodding.
Up the rise following the path, turn right at the far end of the path, run alongside the netball courts.
Run down a hill.
Now, running down hills is usually fun, but not today, my toes slid forward in my shoes, ohhh the pain πŸ€•
I whimpered to myself as a ran along, at this point I almost pulled out.....but I just kept on going πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Turn a right at the end of the path, follow the footpath along Underwood Rd.
Take a right on to a pathway which has little rises, surprise rises.

I just kept on going.
One foot in front of the other.
Run all the way down to Priestdale Rd turn around β†ͺ️ and head back.
Ohhh those rises, the gifts that just keep on giving.

Turn left back out on to Underwood Rd,
Run back towards the park turn left run about 10m and turn left again.
Again - slight rises 😩
Run run run, hook a right and run up a gradual hill 😫😫😫😫
At this point I could see my car.
Why didn't I just jump in it & drive off?

Another turn around point ↩️
Run back back back.
Finally the T intersection - I'm close to the home stretch.
But that home stretch starts on the other side of that hill 😡
Run run run up that hill.
In my head I sprinted up that hill.
In reality, I might have looked like I was running on the spot.
Up ⬆️
Up ⬆️
Up ⬆️
I think I have altitude sickness πŸ”

Turn right at the netball courts, run then chuck a left and run with all of your might to the finish line.

I tippy toed over the line in 34:30 which I am absolutely stoked about.
I was told to take at least 1 minute off my PB to allow for the hills.
AND I was going to take off a few extra hours off for the broken toes.
I was only 1:09 away from my parkrun PB!

Now I know Underwood Park very well.
I have done MANY a Bootcamp there.
I once signed up to Ashy Bines Bootcamp in that park.
I paid for the 5 sessions per week.
I never went 5 sessions. Over 12 weeks.
I single handily funded her latest Range Rover 😏

Why didn't I remember those hills?
Because I avoided those hills, a created short cuts, l ran when the trainers were watching me, and hid for the rest of the time.
Now I remember, my attitude towards exercise has completely changed, and that's why I just get out there and do my best.

Today I caught with with Leila who was celebrating her 50th parkrun, Meara, Bec who loved the BOB, Danni & Piper who I had not seen in aaaaaages.
My friend from Zumba Vicki was the tailrunner today - Good Luck for the half tomorrow!

I met so many people, I can't remember everyone's names πŸ˜”
But hi to Tina, Therese & Mark the RD πŸ‘‹

Underwood Park is definitely a challenging course, I'm glad I gave it a red hot hobble.

Will I be back? Absolutely, imagine what time I could achieve without broken toes!

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