Volunteering in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay parkrun volunteering

After my second alarm 🚨 I woke from my slumber.
Or I should say I got "turn your fucking alarms off" and a swift kick to the back of my leg.
Thanks Ben 🖕

Mid wee selfie 🤳 
Shower 🚿 
Dressed 💋
A chat with my parents ☕️
Tears while attempting to put my shoes on 😢👟 broken toes suck balls.
But thanks to my Altra Running wide toe box it was bearable.
In the car 🚗 
On to road to Hervey Bay 🐳

The drive was lovely, 38.4k from Burrum Heads to Hervey Bay.
It got smokier and smokier as I drive further I drove into town.
There have been fires over on Fraser Island 🔥

I arrived down at Urangan Pier at 6:32
The early morning parkrun fairies had set everything up and parkrun was ready to go 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃

The Wide Bay Running Chicks 🐥 were taking over a number of parkrun's today. I have met a number of the ladies thanks to my tour and when I asked if I could help out as I was headed up that way I was welcomed as a ring-in 😄

Today my job was barcode scanning.
In my head I thought I was going to be amazing. Then I remembered how much checkout rage I get at the self serve section in Coles 🛒

Before we knew it!
Go 🚦

Okay. I have about 17 minutes to relax & have a chat.......
During that 17 minutes I offended no less than 2 vegans & every single Jehovah's Witnesses who pop up at EVERY parkrun event I go to 🤦‍♀️

The next moment the first runner was finished.
It was on like Donkey Kong 🐒

Their barcode
parkrun barcode
Their barcode 
parkrun barcode

Every single person that I scanned in I congratulated them & asked them how they went.
I read the names on their barcodes and said stuff like "great work Matt" and "it's over and done with Jess!"

Now I just gotta address something.
If they are wet, and sweaty they are gross.
If you pull them out of your bra to hand them over - that's gross.
Really gross.
If they are torn and all crumpled they are hard to scan.
That's not gross - just a pain in the arse.

If you can please laminate your barcode - or if you are like me and kind of like this parkrun thing better yet get a parkrun barcode token or bracelet - I personally have a wristband.

I beeped the last parkrun token in 1hr 4 seconds.

We had 198 parkrun participants today and didn't loose 1 parkrun tokens!
Hopefully I didn't make too many mistakes. And you know that?? If I did - you can go back next weeks and run it again for free!

I got to catch up with my mates Lyle, Alison & Kaliki - I made plenty of new friends too.
Nicole - you did a fantastic job as RD - ohh and thanks for my Revvies Energy Strips!
Sam & Linda this is my peace offering 🍏😉

I also got to meet Liz 👋
I also met a lovely lady by the name of Paulene, well I didn't really meet her, more like recognised her name from her barcode. She is a cookbook author - I was quite excited to meet her!
Hey Paulene - get your people to contact my people (I'm slowly writing my book too) 😂

Thank you to the Wide Bay Running Chicks 🐥 for letting me gatecrash and volunteer with you.

Today I volunteered at a parkrun 400k from home. And I loved it.

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