Voluntour - Photographer

Underwood Park parkrun
Voluntour - Photographer

After 2 alarms I crawled out of bed🚨 
Mid-wee selfie 🤳 
Shower 🚿 
Dressed 💋
In the car 🚗 
On the road to Underwood

Yay a nice short drive from home 🏡 
A nice short drive where the speed limit has changed for the Commonwealth Games.
Now for that tense wait to see if I got a speeding ticket 😬

I arrived nice an early.
Today I was volunteering.
Today I was the photographer 📸
I was so nervous about it.

I love looking at my photos every week.
But the pressure!!!
What if I fuck them up?!?!
What if I take shit photos?

But then I remembered, I’m volunteering.
I’m giving up my run so others have photos they can look at.
No one will have a go at me.
They will be great full they have photos!

I’ve never had a go at the people who takes my photos.
Ohhh & I’ve had some bad ones.
Remember that one where you saw nothing but my big old camel toe 🐫

So I went over to the hut 🏰
Introduced myself 🤝
Was handed my volunteer vest & a camera 📷 
And off I went 💥💥(that’s a camera flash)

I was lucky enough to be Voluntouring at Underwood when 2 of my favourite gents were celebrating their 50th parkruns.
Ian (Hook) & Bob.
Congratulations fellas 🏆

Being photographer is so easy.
Just point the camera & snap.

Photos of the crowds ✔️
Photos of the first timer briefing ✔️
Photos of the run brief ✔️
Photos of the start ✔️

Now I have run Underwood parkrun before, it’s a challenging old course.

Where shall I position myself for the best photos?
🤷‍♀️ 💡 
At the top of the hill everyone has to run up on the way back to the finish line 🏁

I found the best vantage point.
And waited.
Before I knew it people were running towards me.
This was my moment.
Click 💥
Click 💥
Click 💥

I cheered people on 📡
I encouraged people who were struggling up that hill 🌋
I gave it my best, I was in my element.
I was considerate, upwards stride photos!
No National Geographic saggy boob business here 🏀🏀

I am so used to people cheering me on.
Finally I can cheer back.

An important thing to remember is....if someone approaches you on the parkrun course with their arms crossed 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️ this means no photo.
Respect their wishes 😇

I took 202 fantastic photos.
Well, in my opinion they were fantastic, including the 2 selfies on moi.

Being photographer is so bloody easy.
Point & click.
Fool proof 📸


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