Warner Lakes

Warner Lakes parkrun

So went I went through the Queensland parkrun locations I chose Warner because I thought it was close-ish to my house.
Well when I googled it last night I soon found out I I was wrong.
I had confused Warner with Wakerly.
A difference of another 30k to get there!
Google told me if I was to walk there it would take 11 hours 47 minutes 🤦‍♀️

I got up early, well I set my alarm to go off early & continued to hit snooze until I pissed Ben off enough that he got out of bed.
He wrangled Will whilst I beautified myself.

Will & I hit the road at 5:30am 😴
The inbuilt GPS in our car must be out of date, kinda like me, it couldn't find Warner.
Siri to the rescue and we arrived at 6:30am.
The parkrun location is in a residential estate, held in a lovely park in the middle of the estate.

I had the pleasure in meeting so many people today! I was welcomed with open arms - it makes touring like this a hell of a lot easier.

Thank you to Darryl, today's ED for such a lovely welcome 😃, another Logan River parkrun runner David visited Warner today, it was great to see him as our local parkrun is still out of action after the flood.

The run brief sounded bloody technical, Darryl had to pull out a map to explain it to me a little more in detail.
His instructions to me should have just been follow the crowd.

We all made our way over to the start line and off we went, along the path, a loop around a lovely lake area, back past the start line, then you hook a left. 
This is where I saw the photographer hiding in the bushes, I could be wrong, but it could have been a paparazzi wanting a candid action shot of me for Women's Running Magazine #wanker

Undulating rises, I think that's what you call them. Yep, undulating rises 😩.
I could see the turn around point, a lovely lady in her high-vis volunteer vest, she was like a mirage 🏝 I ran & ran & ran & I never seemed to get close to her.
I finally got to the turn around point, back through the undulating rises 🖕back around for another loop.

So many people cheered me on as they passed me.
I cannot tell you how much that can help someone who is struggling - it really gave me an extra boost.
Did I mention I also ran this whilst pushing William in his BOB Britax??
Yes, he was a William today, he kicked off his gumboot with about 300m to go, I had to stop and pick it up.

David from Logan River came back and found me and pushed me on, getting me to the finishing line.
Thank you David 💙 
I shuffled/run/jogged the whole 5k.

I rolled over the line in 35.35 -a PB with the pram!

Thank you to Darryl for not only my warm welcome to your parkrun, but for also ticking off my parkrun shirt ✔️
18 down!

I also met Colin, who unfortunately for him has been following my page for a while 😆
He very generously gave me a Vol Water water bottle which has an inbuilt filtration system, with a couple of extra filters!
He remembered my Hervey Bay weekend post where I commented about how I didn't drink any where as much water as I should. Thank you Colin 😘

The lovely Lauren hooked me up with a bag of Arbonne Australia & New Zealand goodies - I've been fighting with William to give me my bag back!

I also met Laura, Angela, Kath, Joanne & Johanne. If I missed your name I apologise everyone was so bloody friendly today!

At the end of the run I realised William (naughty name) had also chucked his hat 😩 I was dreading the fact I was going to have to go out for another loop to try & find it......but tailrunner to the rescue!
They found it out of the path, picked it up & brought I back - thank you 🙌🙌🙌

I can't say a bad thing about Warner Lakes parkrun, yes, the undulating rises were shit, but the people made it bearable.

Warner Lakes - you are now number 1 on the friendliest parkrun location list 🏆

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