White Rock

After my 56th alarm 🚨 I got out of bed.
Mid wee selfie 🤳 
Shower 🚿 
Dressed 💋
In the car 🚗 
On the road to pick up my friend Talisha 🛣
Address for parkrun in the GPS 🗺

After a mammoth drive we arrived 🎊
I will say getting to White Rock parkrun is a little confusing.
When you drive into a housing estate 🏡 you ARE going in the right direction.

Under a bridge and on to a single file little road (very Ivan Milatish country) up a bit of a hill - see a lady putting up the parkrun banner and you have arrived!

Run brief done  
Thank you for my warm welcome 🙏🏻 
We make our way to the start line.
This is where I need to break the news to you that White Rock parkrun is a trail run.

Go 🚦

And we are off and tip toeing!
I’m not a confident trail runner but I’m willing to give it a go.

Down a little incline and turn right into the bush ➡️
Run run run walk walk walk - Roxy’s Rise is a challenge & a half.
600m of up hill, twisty, turny, sandy, rocky pathway.
Well as much as a pathway you can have on a trail run.

Now here’s a parkrun trail tip for you.
Go slow.
Not to conserve energy.
But to let the fast fuckers run through all the spider webs first 🕷

Run run run to what seems to be the longest parkrun ever - I reach the top 🧗‍♀️
It’s only 650m in!

Photographer 📸
Now can I just say I look fucking amazing in my photo 💁‍♀️

Turn right ➡️
And start the decline down ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Down a very long hill.

I’m sure you are thinking “you should have just run as fast as you could down that hill”.
Have you ever seen a B-Double truck going down a really steep hill?
They go super slow.
I’m the same.
I’m a fully loaded double rig 🚚🚚

Run run run - it’s beautifully shady.
I wore my short RunFaster tights to attract a snake 🐍 
Down down the hill - I found the perfect clearing for me to be Care Flighted out of there 🚁

Turn right at the Marshall ➡️
Run run run in the beautiful conservation park.
It truely is spectacular.
At moments there was no one in front of me & no one behind me.
I forgot I was parkrunning.
I was just running 🏃‍♀️

Turn around point ↩️
Run run run - no snake 🐍 😞
But I did coax a couple of stoners out of the bush ☘️

Run run run - I’m loving every single moment of this run.
Turn left at the Marshall ⬅️
I’ve got to go back up that massive hill I just went down.
I started off at a run.
Then a shuffle & quickly progressed to a crawl.
1 foot in front of another.
I just hiked up that hill 

Eventually I made to back to the top and started running again.
(My photo on the way back tells the true story 😨)

Turn left ⬅️
And back down Roxy’s Rise.
I loved every single 4x4’ing step I took.
I did roll my ankle trying to be a trail run professional - but I kept on going.

Run run run.
I almost started an avalanche.
Someone is behind me.
I look over my shoulder - it wasn’t Ivan ☹️
I ran.
I ran with all of my might.
I ran out of the bush and veered off to the left ↖️
Run run run & I was finished!

I stomped over the line in 38.52

Thank you to Leigh & Phil for making me feel so welcome - you have one of THE best parkrun’s around.

Narelle & Running Dog Roxy (yes, the bitch they named Roxy’s Rise was there!) of course I couldn’t say it to her face.
Roxy is a trail dog 🐕 
Part dog & I think part mountain goat 🐐 
Narelle & Roxy are quite a team - I was only slightly terrified of her - but the 5 month old dachshund dog named Max absofuckinglutely terrified me. 🤦‍♀️

Thanks for saying Hi Carolyn from The Healthy Mummy’s group 👋

As always it was great to see Ruth - I’m coming to Ipswich QLD parkrun later this year - let’s do breakfast!

And finally - Fiona. It was fantastic to meet you. To hear all of your health issues and you still came out and gave it a go - you my dear are incredible.

White Rock - thank you for introducing me to the dirty side of running 😉

I absolutely loved it!
Seriously this is a MUST do parkrun - get it on your list!

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