So I'm born & bred in Brisbane.
So I thought I knew where Wishart was, turns out I don't!
Thanks to Siri, the GPS in my husbands car & a whole lotta swearing we made it to Wishart parkrun

Today my boys joined me. Ben pushing Will in BOB thanks to Britax
Bens favourite thing about BOB is it's yellow, but will also admit it is so easy to push.

Wishart Parkrun was always going to be at the top of my list for a Parkrun adventures for 2017 thanks to Helen & Lisa.
I had the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies at Sirromet Parkrun in January.
They were hilarious and demanded I come and visit them.
How could I say no?
Thank you so much to Wishart Parkrun group for making me feel very welcome.

Parkrun was inundated with River City Runners today. I'm seriously considering joining them!

I caught up with my new found friends Cassie, my twin Helen & Lisa.
Lisa had a night on the turps last night but still dragged herself to Parkrun 🥂🥂🥂

I had the pleasure in meeting Annie, I was quite surprised to see her there after her hot date last night 😁
Check out Annie's blog!
Deadlifts, dating and dieting

I also saw a friend Carl from many many many years ago sprint past me. Hi Carl 👋

The course was lovely, quite a bit of shade and a few inclines which were manageable!
It was pacer week, I madly chased the 35 minute pacer Liz. I have met Liz before at Meadowbrook Parkrun, she is a very stylish runner, her outfits always match her nails 💅
I madly chased her along the track, she even came back to me to push me on.

I may or may not have pissed myself a little in the "jump zone"

I sprinted over the line in 34.55!!!
A new PB! It was my goal to run a sub 35 this year, may have to re-evaluate that time!
Thank you so much Liz - I couldn't have done it without your support 😘

Hopefully I will see my twin Helen around the Parkrun circuit sometime this year.
But seriously Helen, get a jacket!


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