Thanks to a very persistent follower AkikoΒ πŸ‘‹Β I made my way to Wynnum this morning.
She was kind enough to let me know that the local markets would be on certain weekends, I used this info to help me plan my tour.
It was lovely to meet her today, she was so interested in my story, I cannot thank her enough for her ongoing support 😘

I spend a huge chunk of my childhood at Wynnum.
My paternal grandparents lived in Wynnum. They had an old house across the road from the train line. The whole house would shake when a train went by.
There were 2 orange/brown spots on the ceiling directly underneath where my grandparents used to sit & smoke.
Their carpet was also so old and trodden on it was shiny & looked like Lino.

There was also the big wadding pool down by the waterfront.
I must say it has improved tenfold, my recollection was a brown cesspool of murky water. The area down at the waterfront is lovely, a huge playground for kids, lovely seperate bike & walkways, BBQ areas - if you are a Brisbane local interested in a parkrun adventure seriously consider Wynnum

Another reason I used to spend a lot of time in Wynnum (that I recently found out about) was witness protection.
No, I wasn't in witness protection, my parents were detectives.
My Dad was responsible of checking in on them.
Apparently we used to make a family trip out of it, head over to Wynnum, Dad would drop us off with Mum at the cesspool, he would do his rounds, come back and porpoise with us in the pool, have fish & chips then head back homeΒ πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

What a lovely flat course Wynnum is. I mean flat ____________________
You run along the esplanade up to Manly, turn around run back past the start line down to the creek & back.
There were a few scary bits, I'm not great with the pram and the pathway just drops off to mud flats below.

I half ran/walked today. I got myself a stitch 😩 while running with the pram.
Yes that right I ran.
I fucking loved & hated it at the same time.
I have been out of running action for 3 weeks and I tell you what ~ it shows.

Now if you think "oh a stitch, the poor bugger" have a go at this.
At the first turn around point a bloke who wasn't a parkrunner, he was coming from the opposite direction ran around a tree in front of me and smacked into a branch, got knocked on his arse, it was like watching a cartoon.
I stopped to check he was alright, he was fine but his ego was heavily bruised.
He shuffled off, and I thought to myself better get back running, if he can do it with a concussion I can do it with a stitch.

Thank you toΒ Wynnum parkrunΒ for having me & Trish the RD for my shoutout - I really appreciate it.

I struggled across the line in 40.42
I'm happy with that considering I've been out for 3 weeks & technically I'm not meant to running.
Please don't lecture me, I wouldn't have done it if I'd if the feel up to it.
Right now I feel fucking amazing.

After the run we headed up to Manly to the markets, I was in heaven as they had aΒ The Bagel BoysΒ stall.
If you want to buy my love, buy me bagels 🍩

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