So I was meant to be heading to my home run this weekend, but due to flood damage the park is still closed.

I'm bloody exhausted. Seriously, these early mornings are taking a toll on me, and my work colleagues.
They are having to put up with my makeup-freeness after my 2 runs a week around Woodridge.

I wanted to go to a parkrun which didn't involve me getting out of bed at ridiculous o'clock. I'm was also sailing solo this morning as Ben is playing in a golf competition today.

Yarrabilba is a relatively new suburb, it's on the way out to Beaudesert.
It's according to google it's a 25ish minute drive from my place & there is at least 1 person on this page who has shown interest in me visiting - SOLD!
Turns out to be a 15 minute drive.

Will woke up in a foul mood. Great.
And it was drizzling ☔️
I was somewhat organised this morning, meaning I knew where my watch was & I had charged my iPod.
That was it.
A mad dash to try and find clothes, barcode etc etc

The drive out was nice, it's a bit rural.
We drive past the paddocks where Ben's family agist their horses.
Will pointed to the horses and proudly said "cow" 🤦‍♀️

parkrun is held in Darlington Parklands - a beautiful park right near the entrance of Yarrabilba.
What a friendly bunch of parkrunners 🙂
I was really impressed to see local councillor Councillor Laurie Koranski - Division 4 Logan City Council out there volunteering 😃

So the race brief went a little like this "you need to huddle around so you can see the map, our route is a little complicated" 😏
Well, fuck me, they were right, it was complicated.
The route consists of about 18 weird laps of the park. 
Okay I might be exaggerating a little about the number of laps but it was complicated. I had to count my laps on my fingers 🖖
Think orienteering. I'm not actually sure what orienteering is though 😏

Now there weren't any hills as such just reeeeeally long inclines.
They went for ever.
I can't complain too much as my friend Kaye volunteered to push Will in his pram.
Thank you so much Kaye 😘

That was a hard run.
Those massive incline really take their toll.
I struggled each and every lap.
There were signs where to go, I can confidently say unless I paid attention to the person in front of me I would have gotten lost.
Send up a flare lost.

I had serious issue while running today.
The underwire in my bra popped out.
It attempted to penetrate my armpit no less than 7698x6487 times during the run.

I thundered over the line in 36.14

I caught up with Jemma who kids slept in so she got to run solo 🙌, Mel & her son Mr C - that woman is a speed demon pushing the pram! I also saw Jodie from Logan River 👋

Holy Hell I met a bunch of people today - I apologise if I miss any names - there was a herd of you all today.
My word of a group of parkrunners is a herd.

I met Saskia from I'll keep that in mind,
we have been conversing for a while now - she IS the reason I went to Yarrabilba. She also had the task of ticking Yarrabilba off the shirt, on my bum.
She loved it !

Vicki who ran the whole 5k today - that's an amazing achievement- well done 🏆

Melissa who left (escaped) from a family camping adventure to swing by and say g'day.

Nicole who I'm going to catch up with soon up at Tamborine Mountain parkrun.

Sandra, Sarah & Paula - these girls were a hoot! 
I was also there to help cheer Paula's son over the finish line, it was with 10th run today - good work mate!

After the run Kaye, Saskia, Melissa & I had a drink and a laugh at Thom & Ann's Restaurant Deli
That's also where my underwire birthed its way into the world 👙

Will I do Yarrabilba parkrun again?
Yes, as long as I can find a shop that sells a compass & a portable abacus 😜

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