You are a runner

You are a runner

On Sunday I cheered the lovely Tonia over the finish line at the GC50 Run Festival 🏁
I actually cheered heaps of people over the line, including a bionic man who ran the 50k in 3 hours and a couple of minutes 🤖
A fucking crazy distance to run in a fucking ridiculous time 🏃‍♂️

Now back to Tonia.
I made an effort to yell out people’s names as they rounded the corner into the straight.
My eyesight is spot on. I managed to read the names on the bibs.
If your bib didn’t have your name I yelled out “Go 1687”

“Wooohooo Go Tonia”
She smashed it.
She ran the 15k like me.
She ran the 15k with a bunch of us idiots who pay to run a ridiculous distance on a Sunday morning.

A little while later I saw her and motioned for her to come over.
Like I was the fucking Queen 👑
It turns out she follows my page - you poor bugger.

Now one of the first things she said to me was “I’m not a runner”.
Well, didn’t I shut her down quickly.
“You bloody well are a runner” I told her.

If you run, you are a runner.
If you jog, you are a runner.
If you shuffle, you are a runner.
If you run walk, you are a runner.
If you paid money to enter a fun run, you are a runner, you have the singlet & medal to prove it 🏅

Do not doubt yourself.

People used to ask me what run I was doing next, for me I’m running at the Cadbury Marathon in Tasmania.
Them “you’re doing a marathon?!?!”
Me “no I’m ONLY doing the half marathon”
Them “ohh” 🤦‍♀️

Them “you’re doing a marathon?!?!”
Me “no I’m doing the half marathon, 21.1 fucking kilometres”
Them “wow” 😳

I don’t ONLY run anymore.
I run.

Tonia, you are amazing.
You ran 15 kilometres.
15 fucking kilometres!
15 long, hard, sweaty, hot kilometres with stairs.
What arsehole comes up with a fun run route with stairs?

Tonia, are a runner, and don’t you fucking forget it 🏃‍♀️

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